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Many people can’t imagine living without their cell phones. Mobile phones have certainly made our lives more convenient, as we can now easily stay in touch with loved ones and access important information wherever we are. They allow us to send text messages, emails, and even surf the internet. However, they have a main purpose for which they were created: “making phone calls”.

Generally, all mobile devices come with a phone app pre-installed on the handset, but did you know that Google offers a phone app to be downloaded and installed as a competent alternative for making and receiving calls? Let me tell you about it!

Main Functions

In a time in which talking to someone should be easy, Google brings you “Phone”, a cool app that makes your phone experience better. It's got lots of features to help you, going beyond what regular calls do. Let's dive into what makes “Phone” special.

  • Knowing Who's Calling: Feeling sure when you answer

“Phone” shows you who's calling, so you know if it's a business or someone you can trust. This way, you can pick up the phone with confidence, even if the number is new. It's like having a personal assistant for your calls.

  • No More Waiting on Hold: Your time is important

There's a cool feature called Hold for Me. If a business puts you on hold, Google Assistant waits on the line for you. It lets you know when someone is ready to talk, so you don't have to waste time waiting. It's a helpful way to do more while waiting for a call.

  • Screening Unknown Calls: Knowing who is calling before you answer

The App has a smart feature called Call Screen. It figures out if a call is from a spammer and lets you know without bothering you. You can also learn more about callers you don't know before picking up. This helps you decide if you want to take the call or not.

  • Simple Design: Easy to use

“Phone” looks simple and is easy to use. Your favorite contacts are just a tap away. You can also use dark mode to save battery and make it easier on your eyes at night.

  • Emergency Support: Getting help quickly

When you make an emergency call with “Phone”, it shows where you are. You can also silently share information with the emergency operator without talking. This helps them help you faster.

  • Block calls

Spam calls are annoying. Thankfully, you don’t have to download fishy apps to block them as installing Phone by Google on your device gets the job done. With it, you can see a recipient’s caller ID—allowing you to answer calls with peace of mind. In addition, a warning appears on the screen if the recipient is a suspected spam caller, so you won’t be bothered by unwanted calls.

  • Record calls

This app also includes a built-in call recorder so you can take note of important announcements. If you decide to record a call, the recipient will be notified for their awareness. All recordings are saved to your device for convenient access. If you frequently keep in touch with a friend or family, add them to your “Favorites” so you can call them without going through your contacts list. Besides, by enabling location access on the program, you can call or send a text message to your favorite restaurants and establishments by typing the merchant name on the search bar.

Wrap-up thought

Overall, Phone by Google is an excellent app for every type of user. You can record or block calls and search for your favorite establishments. You can also add any contact to your “Favorites for your convenience. Its assisted dialing feature is handy for when you’re traveling to another country. However, the app’s call notifications disappear fast, which can lead to missed calls.



  • It has assisted dialing.
  • It can block spam calls
  • It allows call recording.
  • Call notifications disappear quickly.
  • Only available for Android users.

Phone by Google

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Frequently asked questions

Where do I get the phone app?

You can download the app from the Play Store.

How do I check the voicemail?

To play voicemail messages, call your voicemail service. With some devices and providers, you can view a list of voicemail messages in the Phone app.

Is Phone by Google available for iPhones?

Thi app is designed for Android devices and is not available for iPhones.


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