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Going into fitness life and starting to change your habits is getting easier since you can have your own coach from your mobile device. If you want to start exercising and improve your lifestyle we recommend that you download Google Fit. This app is focused on physical exercise and sport. It will allow you to record all the activities you do, in this way you can monitor the calories you are burning both with working out and your daily activities.

Google Fit is focused on helping you improve your health through exercise sessions that you can register in the app. You can inform yourself of the calories you have burned so that you can control your diet and physical activity. You also can set daily and weekly goals from the simplest to the toughest challenges such as running for several minutes, cycling, dance sessions, etc. Everything will be added to the activity carried out in the app. Google Fit can also be synchronized with Android Wear and Apple Watch.

Google Fit important features

This app allows you to monitor your activity if you are trying to lose weight. For that, when starting in the app you must enter your height and weight. The application will remind you when you should exercise and will recommend you how many minutes you have to work out. It will mark all the activity you have done, then calories you have burned will be recorded in a graph. The application will always be running in the background of your mobile device in order to record your daily activities. In the same way you can enter other activities that you have carried out by yourself.

Google Fit helps you create an exercise routine by offering you to fill different goals. The first of these are the minutes of activity, the stipulated time in which you will do a workout, a walk, go for a run, dance sessions, etc. By default the app proposes that you do 60 minutes of exercise a day. However, you can configure this according to your schedules and needs. You can enter the activities manually, the app will also record the time you spend moving throughout the day.

With Google Fit you can also challenge yourself by accumulating points with the cardio activities you do. This is called Cardio Points, and it means that for each intense activity that accelerates your heart rate you will accumulate one point per minute. If the exercise you do is even more intense you will accumulate 2 points per minute. These activities are recorded using the sensors of your mobile device so the app can detect how many kilometers you have moved, the speed you have, the total distance you have traveled throughout the day and in what moment are you moving.

How to use Google Fit?

After downloading the app, you must log in with your google account. If you use an Android device the app will automatically detect the account in use. If you do not have one you must register first. Then, you must enter your basic personal data such as sex, height, age and weight. These data will be used as relevant information to monitor your physical activity. The app will ask you for a permission to use them. You must accept these permissions for the application to work properly.

Also, you must give permission to access your location and use of the GPS. Since this is the way the app will collect the information of your movement and the routes required to calculate your caloric expenditure. If you do not want to give this last permission there will be no problem. You can skip it and then enter this information manually every day.

The program is predetermined with 60 minutes of daily exercise and 10 cardio points as an initial goal. However, this can be configured according to your availability of time and physical capacity. You can lower the time or increase it according to how you progress in your training plan. You can add and delete goals as they suit you and your daily exercises. When you start in the app you will have a screen where you can view your goals and another one where you will graphically display the calories burned, the accumulated points, and important information to help you continue with your workouts.

How to download Google Fit?

Among the fitness and lifestyle apps, without a doubt this is one of the most complete. So if you are starting out in the world of exercises and need an extra incentive, you should download Google Fit. You must enter from your device in the default app store Google Play if you use devices with Android operating system and Apple Store for devices with iOS. In both stores you will find it in the search engine as "Google Fit - Activity Tracker". If your device is compatible it will appear with the option to install. Press "install" and wait a few moments for Google Fit to download to your device. You can now follow the steps described above to configure.

On Android mobile devices, it requires a minimum operating system of 4.0 or higher, but this may vary according to the device. Generally, on Android Wear devices Google Fit is already pre-installed. However, it is also possible to download from Google Play.

On iOS devices, it is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Apple Watch. Requires a minimum version of iOS 12.0, device compatibility will be displayed from the Apple Store. After downloading requires the creation of a Google account to start using.

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