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In this current era where lifestyle diseases are common, everyone must track their wellness and fitness. However, regular tracing of one’s fitness and wellness is not an easy task especially when it is done manually. Luckily, technology has led to the development of special apps that monitor one’s wellness and recommend to them what to do in case of wellness or fitness challenges. Google Fit is a special app that has come to rescue people from the burden of tracking their wellness. This application allows users to regularly check their well-being, nutrition and physical activities. In short, Google Fit is a health-tracking tool that helps individuals to remain healthy and fit.

Google Fit’s primary Purpose

Google is primarily mandated to help its users track their health status and lead them in their journey towards achieving fitness and wellness. The app has special features that help people with their diverse needs. This app helps people who keep their fitness and wellness through cycling, running, jogging or any other activity. The app can measure the distance covered by the runner, track their calorie use, and heart rate and advise the user accordingly. Further, this app can be customized by the user to meet their fitness goals, and also remind them when to undertake a given physical activity. In general, the Google app plays a critical role in ensuring people’s wellness and fitness.

Google Fit’s Efficiency

Google Fit’s main efficiency lies in its ability to accurately track users’ fitness and wellness and offer accurate insights. Again, this app is compatible with wearable devices such as wristwatches and smartphones which make it easier to record movement data such as distance covered, heath rate, and pulse rate. Google Fit app can utilize GPS to track users’ calorie expenditure, distance, covered and the route used with precision. Such data help the user to adjust their fitness goals in addition to aligning their diet with the goals. Lastly, this app is efficient because it has an easy-to-use interface that can be navigated by both beginners and experienced users.

Google Fit’s Minimum Requirements

Google Fit does not impose a lot of requirements on its potential users. This app is compatible with both Android and iOS gadgets which makes the app available for a wide range of users. The few requirements imposed by this app depend on the operating system or the Android version. However, users are required to obtain permission to access other accessories such as heart rate monitors, gyroscopes, and accelerometers.

Subscription Fees

Users download Google Fit from the App Store or Play Store for free. This free version provides basic apps that help their users to monitor their wellness. However, for additional and advanced features, users are required to pay subscription fees either monthly or annually. This paid version of the app provides personalized coaching and advanced analytics which are absent in the free version.

Comparison between the Google Fit App and Other Similar Apps

Google Fit’s main competitors include Samsung Health, Apple Health, and Fitbit. Although this apps offer similar services to the Google Fit app, Google Fit distinguished itself by having more advanced features that meet an array of user’s needs. Unlike other apps, the Google Fit app is well integrated with Google Maps, and Google Calendar which ensures that users receive accurate alerts about their wellness program.

Google Fit Missing Features or problems

One of the challenges met by the Google Fit app is the incompatibility with other apps of devices. Third-party apps or devices restrict users from using the Google Fit app. Again some users have complained about occasional inaccuracies from the app especially when installed on devices from third parties. However, the majority of the users report the seamless performance of the Google Fit app.

Final Thoughts

Health and wellness is a critical area that everyone should be concerned about, especially in this era. People need to obtain accurate data regarding their fitness and wellness. Therefore, a versatile and accurate app is needed for this purpose. Google Fit remain the best choice for anyone who needs to monitor their wellness, wellbeing, nutrition and physical activities. Without a doubt, I would recommend Google Fit to anyone who would want to maintain their general health.






  • Google Fit App is highly accessible since it has a free version and can be installed on any device whether Android or iOS.
  • This app is seamlessly integrated with other Google services such as Google Maps and Google Calendar, which help it to offer accurate data to the user.
  • Google Fit app allows users to set their personalized goals related to fitness and wellness. For instance, a user can set what they want to achieve in a week, monthly or annually.
  • Google Fit app provides accurate tracking of the user whether they are cycling, running or walking.
  • Privacy Concerns are one of the major challenges of Google Fit. This app gathers users’ health data, a factor that makes some of its users uncomfortable.
  • Google Fit app has limited features that can offer users in-depth data about their health and fitness.
  • Google Fit app’s accuracy depends on other factors such as the user’s behavior and the capability of the device’s sensor. As such, this app can give inaccurate data, especially when the device’s sensor is of low quality.
  • This app has limited capability since it cannot offer all wellness and fitness services.

Google Fit

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Frequently asked questions

How can the Google Fit App monitor my Activities?

Google Fit relies on the sensor in the user’s wristwatch or smartphone to monitor their activities and record critical data such as the distance covered, heart rate and pulse rate. Again, this app used GPS technology to track activities such as cycling, running and walking.

How can I be sure that my health data is safe when recorded by the App?

Google Fit takes people’s security and privacy seriously. The data recorded are encrypted and cannot be released to third parties whatsoever. Again, this app keeps on revising privacy settings to enhance data safety.

Does this app allow one to set wellness and fitness goals?

Definitely. This app has a flexible interface that allows one to customize their personal goals and the duration they desire to take to achieve the goals.


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