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Construction games are a famous genre that is focused on building cities, locations, and entire universes, and we have many titles available for mobile devices. But if we are mentioning the biggest names, then we need to talk about Minecraft. If you are a fan of construction games, Minecraft is ideal for you. This great game is one of the most popular titles in different platforms, and it is so fun that it is played all over the world by children and adults. 

Minecraft is something like the virtual version of the Lego blocks we used to play as kids, only now you can build amazing worlds and let your imagination fly in digital format. This is specifically one of the best things that Minecraft offers you, the possibility of creating everything you want, using only blocks. 

We tried Minecraft, explored its different universes created by users, and we put to test the mobile version. In this post we tell you everything about how to play this fun game and how to get the best out of this amazing platform. At the end, we add a short tutorial on how download Minecraft and how to enjoy everything this game has for you. 

Minecraft: creating your own universe by using blocks

Minecraft is a very fun game that will allow you to do virtually anything you want, and this is the most attractive thing about this game. Minecraft's scoop is that you can create your own video game, or an animated world, replicate a movie, create a replica of your favorite characters and much more, but only using blocks. 

One of the most popular things within Minecraft is that you can create your own video game for other people to play. You can create any type of video game you want, such as racing, adventure, mystery and much more. You can select the amount of lives that each player has and let them travel your entire universe of blocks.

Explore amazing worlds inside Minecraft

As we mentioned, in Minecraft you can not only create your own video game, but you can also start playing video games created by other users. Within Minecraft there are hundreds of game designers who have created incredible worlds using only blocks, and they all started the same, having only one character.

Every time you explore the worlds of your friends or other users within Minecraft you will earn points so you can build your own worlds. Just enter Minecraft and start exploring all the worlds you'll find in this fantastic game. It will be like downloading hundreds of games but within a single app.

Minecraft is an experience that we recommend

The societal perspective on Minecraft is that it is developed and targeted at kids, but the reality is that the game is enjoyed by people of all ages and genders. As soon as we downloaded the app we were intrigued by the wide catalog of games we could choose. It felt like going through the folders of a game developer which games are finished, but not published. Except they are, but inside the platform.

Minecraft is a playground for developing rich and complex worlds, dynamics, and entire universes. We went from racing, exploring, and fighting, to even visiting one of the most popular servers holding banned information from journalists all over the world. Yes. Minecraft has this type of information too. 

To say that we were surprised by the vast universe inside this game is little. And even though it is a paid game, we consider it completely worth the 6,99 USD it costs.

Downloading the game

If you want to start playing this wonderful game you just have to download Minecraft on your Smartphone or Tablet. You can find this app easily in Google Play and App Store for Android and iOS respectively. To make things simpler we have left a link at the end of this post to download Minecraft on any of your mobile devices.

Minecraft for mobile devices is a paid game, so you must buy the app to start playing. However, paying this ensures you can play without ads or any other distractions, and you can access infinite worlds and games within the same platform.



  • Extensive game. It was a big catalog of games inside the platform that you can access to.
  • Creative freedom. There are no restrictions while creating your own world.
  • Regular updates. Since it is a popular game, there is always improving and fixing bugs.
  • It can be pricey for a mobile app.
  • Graphics on the mobile version are not the same as the desktop version.
  • Limited complexity and world size. The mobile version has restrictions about size, so the game becomes repetitive and less diverse.


You are going to be redirected to the external website to download the app.

Frequently asked questions

How many versions are available?

Minecraft has different editions, from playable to educational. You have Minecraft Java Edition, Classic, Bedrock, Education, and all of the versions for consoles.

Is Minecraft cross-platform?

Yes, but it depends on the edition you have. You can only play with users that are on the same edition.

Can I play Minecraft for free?

No, all versions of the game are paid. However, you can download the demo, which is free.


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