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Do you remember life before smartphones, when telegraph was the primary form of communication, and we all needed paper appointment books to keep track of our various social engagements? Planning and scheduling your time can help you succeed as you use your time wisely. That's why it's important to have a calendar that has the features you're looking for, syncs with the services you use, and works the way you expect. By using the simple and efficient Samsung Calendar app, you can meet all your needs to keep you on top of your routine.

Easy and simple to use

The Samsung Calendar interface is quite simple. To add an event to the Samsung Calendar you have to click on a certain day and then proceed to add an event with its time duration.

Main functions

  • Samsung Calendar offers you multiple options to set reminders and set alarms, with which we will not miss any of your tasks. In addition, we can always save important events such as birthdays or anniversaries.
  • You will have no problem keeping track of all the activities and events we attend daily. You just have to add each of the events to the calendar and select the time slots in which we are going to perform each action.
  • Samsung Calendar lets users add alternative calendars to their calendars. “Supplementary calendars” don’t replace the default layout in the calendar. Instead, they supplement the Julian calendar dates with dates from another kind of calendar.
  • This calendar also allows you to add stickers to your Samsung account calendar events. This will let you keep track of all your activities in your calendar events in a much more friendly and funny way.
  • The app lets you add little weather icons to your calendar. They’re tiny, but they’re very neat. So, you can see at a glance what the weather will be like over the next week.
  • Samsung Calendar offers three levels of priority:

Low — delivers a notification and a short sound.

Medium — also produces a short sound. If the screen is off, it creates a full-screen alert. If the screen is on, that alert takes the form of a notification.

High — produces a long sound. If the screen is off, it creates a full-screen alert. If the screen is on, the alert will take the form of a notification that remains on the screen until you dismiss it.

You’ll also be able to tell your phone to play that alert — even when the phone is set to silent and to vibrate when the sound is made.

  • The customization service offers personalized content based on how you use your phone. In other words, it may access your device’s calendar and may collect and analyze your calendar data to learn your preferences, record special occasions, and identify your location.

Drawbacks of Samsung Calendar

Although Samsung Calendar seems to be the same as every other digital calendar, the app has at least two drawbacks:

  • Samsung Calendar isn’t available online. All your interactions with the calendar will take place on your Samsung phone or tablet.
  • Nor can you easily share a calendar that you’ve already created. Users can share their events, but they can’t share their calendars widely or easily. To share a calendar, they need to create an entirely new schedule.

Those restrictions limit the use of the Samsung Calendar. You’re unlikely to be using it to manage a complex series of different work events.

Summing up

Samsung Calendar is not the most user-friendly calendar app out there. The lack of easy sharing or desktop options are serious drawbacks. Some solutions are handy and not too complicated, but browser-based options would be much easier. However, Samsung Calendar makes future scheduling easy, which makes it useful for people who plan far in advance. The stickers on the titles are funny, and they come built into every Samsung device. If you dislike Google Calendar (which also comes preinstalled), Samsung Calendar may be a good choice.



  • Simple schedule
  • Funny stickers and weather icons
  • Levels of priority alerts.
  • Personal customization.
  • Alternative calendars.
  • Only available on Galaxy devices.
  • Not easily integrated with other calendars outside Samsung-based apps.
  • You can’t auto-accept invites from others.
  • Not a great help for online meetings.

Samsung Calendar

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Frequently asked questions

Can I add colors to the Samsung calendar?

By selecting the option “Adjusting Samsung Calendar's Settings” you can start playing with the color settings of each of the schedules you’ve imported from your other calendars.

How do I add stickers to my calendar?

On your calendar, just select the date and tap the smiley face to add a sticker to your day or event.

How can I synchronize Samsung Calendar?

Enter the Calendar app, select the three lines on the top left and scroll down to see more options. Then, select “Sync Now”.


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