Samung One UI Home

Samung One UI Home

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Every Android smartphone or tablet has a launcher. This launcher lets you set up the user interface exactly how you like it, with custom wallpapers, icons, widgets, fonts, modes, themes, and much more. If you’ve used a recent Samsung phone or tablet, you are likely familiar with One UI Home without knowing precisely what it is. So, what is One UI Home? Here’s everything you need to know about Samsung’s default launcher.

The Most Powerful Launcher

One of the best user experiences in Android is offered by Samsung in its Galaxy range. The South Korean brand's devices are not only among the most powerful on the market, but the adaptation of the operating system is optimized to the maximum to fit the hardware and for the user to find a more user-friendly environment in which to use their applications.

Optimized and Exclusive

Samsung One UI Home is a user interface developed by Samsung Electronics that allows you to enjoy an optimized experience through Android. It is the successor to Samsung TouchWiz and Samsung Experience UX and is compatible exclusively with Samsung smartphones running Android Pie or higher. In addition, it is optimized for particularly large phones and improves the performance of other native apps such as Samsung Pay.

So, if you’re looking for features that will boost your daily efficiency and productivity, then One UI Home has you covered. From just one screen, you can open more than one app at a time using ‘Multi window’.

Main features

On the other hand, Samsung One UI Home blocks the custom design of the home screen to prevent pages from being added or modifications from being made without your permission or by accident. It also facilitates access to widget settings and provides faster access to information screens. You can change the wallpaper, icons, accent colors and even font styles to create a unique visual experience. In addition, One UI allows you to organize and customize the home screen and app drawer more easily.

In other words, the main goal of Samsung Company in creating this app has been to make devices even easier to use without relinquishing an attractive aesthetic. These are its main features:

  • Gestures on the home screen with new functions that allow you to hide the navigation buttons or quickly switch applications. So, you can have an even bigger home screen.
  • Organize the icons to your liking and block their distribution, preventing them from changing places when adding pages or new apps.
  •  Access the settings of a widget or an app by simply keeping your finger pressed on the item in question.
  • Effortless editing with evolved AI. You benefit from AI-editing features like enhancing image quality, deleting unnecessary objects and editing background blur. AI-editing features are recommended based on the image or video you’re viewing and gathered in one place.

Other settings and features

Other home screen settings include the ability to swipe down anywhere on the home screen to open the notification panel. This is a valuable feature for one-handed use, so you don’t have to reach across to the top of the phone. Finally, you can set whether the UI should switch to landscape mode when you rotate the phone.

 Personalize your experience to the fullest with Samsung One UI

In short, Samsung One UI Home polishes the errors of Samsung One UI and provides a much more personalized and intuitive environment. Effortless editing, quick access settings, enhanced gesture functions and minimalism are some of the most important features of this app. Thanks to Samsung One UI, you will be able to enjoy the operating system according to your usage needs.



  • Faster access to widgets.
  • Better screen utilization.
  • Full interface customization.
  • Allows to lock the design.
  • Only compatible with Samsung phones.
  • Only valid for Android Pie.
  • Not very stable on Android 11.
  • Loading problems in some apps

Samung One UI Home

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Frequently asked questions

How do I uninstall or disable One UI Home?

One UI Home is a system app on Samsung devices, so you cannot uninstall or disable it. If you are facing problems with using the launcher, go to Settings> Apps> One UI Home and tap on Force stop to reset and restart the launcher.

How do I clear One UI Home storage and cache?

Go to Settings> Apps> Storage and tap on Clear cache and Clear data.

What improvements does One UI 6 bring?

Your Samsung Galaxy phone will update to Android 14 if it's on this list, and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 will be able to open apps on the external display.


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