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Over the last decade, Gmail, one of the free features provided when you create a Google Account, has positioned itself as the number one provider for electronic mail. This product by Google allows you to perform basic email tasks, such as sending and receiving emails, and blocking spam. Since it has been in the market for quite a while now, it works pretty smoothly and has developed a few features over time that enhance the users’ experience.

To have access to Gmail, you need a Google account. This will also grant you access to several other Google products, such as Google Drive, Google Photos, Google Meet, Google Calendar, and many others. One of the advantages provided by Google is that, when you log into your Gmail account, you are automatically logged into your Google account and all your account data and personal features synchronize automatically.

Features that make Gmail one of the best options available

  • Spam filter: Gmail has become quite good at filtering unwanted emails and classifies them automatically in a different folder. Sometimes, however, an email may be wrongly classified as spam, so make sure to keep an eye on that folder if an email you are expecting does not show up in your inbox on time.
  • Smart compose: This feature uses machine learning to predict sentences as you write and suggests options as you type to help you save time.
  • Schedule emails: When you write an email, you can either send it as soon as you finish it or schedule a different time for it to be sent. This is quite a convenient feature since it allows you to prepare your responses and schedule them to be sent, for example, during working hours, or at any other time you consider appropriate.
  • Search box: This is also a very useful tool that is integrated into your inbox. Especially with work accounts, where you get several emails a day, looking for an older email can be tedious and time-consuming. The search box located at the top of your inbox page allows you to look up emails using keywords and makes looking up old conversations much easier.
  • Email organization: If you, for example, work with numerous clients, or you just want to classify your emails based on categories, Google has it sorted for you. You can either sort your emails in folders or use tags to label them. This allows you to keep your emails organized and access the different conversations in a simpler and faster manner.
  • Conversation View: In Gmail, all the replies to an email are shown together and in order, to better understand the context of the conversation. Also, the Conversation View keeps all emails belonging to the same thread together as a block, which helps you to keep your inbox clean and organized.
  • Automatic anti-virus scan: Whenever you receive an email with a document attached, Gmail will perform an automatic scan before downloading it to ensure no viruses enter your device.

Gmail and AI

Google is one of the leading innovators when it comes to AI. These technologies are included in pretty much all of Google’s products, and Gmail is no exception. AI is being used in Gmail to enhance the user experience and reduce the time it takes to write an email. The feature “Help me write”, for example, allows users to provide a series of prompts that the tool will then use to draft an email for you. “Smart reply” is another useful AI-powered tool, which provides up to three automated responses that you can use depending on the context. The development of features such as these by Google are the ones that set it apart from its competitors and what has made it the number one provider of electronic mail services.



  • You can create an account for free.
  • It protects you from viruses that may be included in attached documents.
  • It has plenty of features that make the experience simpler and faster for the user.
  • There are Google AdWords included in the interface.
  • You cannot back up or download your inbox.
  • Some emails may be wrongly classified as spam.


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Frequently asked questions

How much does a Gmail account cost?

Gmail accounts are free. If you use up the storage space from your Google account, however, you may need to pay for extra space for products such as Gmail to continue working.

Can I use Gmail on my mobile device?

Yes, you can. You just need to download the respective app on your phone from Google Play or the App Store and log into your Gmail account with your credentials.

Can I program automatic responses on Gmail?

Yes, that is possible. If you are going on holiday, for example, you can program an automatic response that will be sent to anyone who emails you during the time you spend away.


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