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Every smartphone has a specific app or system that helps to keep everything working in the device. In the case of Android devices, we have a great app called Google Play Services that it was specially developed to manage all the app on the phone and to keep everything working perfectly. It is a basic and necessary app that everyone should have on their phone, so we recommend you to download Google Play Services if you still don't have it.

The majority of Android devices have already pre-installed the Google Play Services app, but there are cases where the app gets deleted or your phone didn't bring it at the beginning. So, if this is your case, don't worry because you can download the app right now and start enjoying this incredible app.

But, to be honest, this is not a well known app. So, most people don't know how this app works, or if it is actually necessary to have it on your phone. So, to clear up all these questions, keep reading this post where we tell you all the things you need to know about this app and also we will tell you how to get it on your phone right now.

All the things you need to know about Google Play Services

As we mentioned before, the majority of Android devices have already pre-installed the Google Play Services app, but there are cases where the app gets deleted or your phone didn't bring it at the beginning. This app is very important because is the ones that keep your apps updates and also helps you to synchronize all the important information on your phone like contacts. So, if you don’t have this app, it is very probable that your phone won’t work perfectly and you will have to do all the updates manually.

Every certified Android device has this app, but some devices that works with Android are not certified and doesn’t have this app. A lot of people think that is not necessary and decide to ignore it completely, especially because the app is heavy and they prefer occupying this space with other apps. However, this decision can cost you a lot of time and money. Let’s take a look at why:

First of all, this important app allows you to update all your apps automatically. Once you get an app through the Google Play Store, you need to do updates from time to time. Google Play Services do the whole process automatically with all your apps, so you won’t have to do it one by one by yourself. This saves you a lot of time. Another synchronization function is that this app keeps all the information of your contacts and other apps updated too. So, if you don’t have it, you have to do the whole process by yourself.

If your device doesn’t have this app then you will find a lot of troubles while using it. A lot of apps that you get from the Google Play Store will ask for the Google Play Services app because it needs it to work better. Also, you might get the app functioning perfectly, but when is time to make the update, it will ask you for the app or you will need to do it manually.

The Google Play Services app is heavy, so is it necessary?

A lot of people ask if this app is necessary. As we mentioned before, it keeps your whole phone working properly and it helps you saving time and efforts, keeps your phone information synchronized and more. But, since there are a lot of phone that don’t bring this app since the beginning, a lot of people ask if it is really necessary to download it. And, to be honest, you can still use the device without it but it is not recommend it.

Certainly, this app is heavy and it can take a lot of your storage space. So, if your smartphone has little space, then you can have problems to install other applications. In this case, you can still use your device without getting this app, but have in mind that you will need to do all the processes that we mentioned before manually and individually, which can take a lot of time. Now, if your phone can handle it, it is better to download the Google Play Services app.

This way, you will save time, efforts and you will have all your apps working correctly. None of them will shut down randomly because they don’t have the app, and none of them will ask you for it to work properly. So, if you want to get this app right now, keep reading this post to know exactly how to do it.

How to download Google Play Services?

If you want to download Google Play Services right now you just need to tap on the download button that is on this post. This will take you to another page where you need to follow the instructions to get the app. It is very simple, fast and easy to do, so don’t worry.

This app is only available for Android devices, so you can also find it through the Google Play Store. Open the app, search for Google Play Services and it will show you exactly what you are looking for. Then, tap on the download button and accept the terms and conditions. In a few seconds you will get this app.

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