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If you’ve ever owned an Android device, you know how essential Google Play Services are to the device. It is almost like the lifeblood of that device and the gateway to apps and games. It would be very difficult, though not impossible, to get the full functionality of your device without Google Play Services.

Google Play Services are not just about apps, although it’s also where users get movies and eBooks. Interestingly, there are certain movies and eBooks that you can only get through Google Play. So, what happens if your device doesn’t run on Android and you still want access to those products?

In this review, we will take you through the functionality of Google Play Service. We will also examine the bugs and how you can get it on other devices. Then, we will share a few alternatives and how they compare with Play Services.

What Exactly is Google Play Services?

Even though it’s impossible to ignore Google Play Services on any Android device, you might be wondering what it does. It is the core system that runs Android devices. Thus, without Google Play Services, your Android phone or tablet might not function properly. That is because lots of other apps and functions on your device run on this system.

There are many features on the system devoted to keeping your device safe. Also, apps are automatically updated through Google Play services.

This is also an important system for those who own older Android phones and would like access to modern features.

How to Download Google Play Services

You don’t need to download the system as it comes preinstalled with Android 4.4 devices and later. If you are using a certified Android device then you already have Google Play Services.

Google Play Services cannot be downloaded by iOS users. However, certain features of the system are available on a stand-alone basis. IOS users can download Google Play Movies and Google Play Books amongst others.

Visit the link at the end of this post to download Google Play Services on your iOS device.

Core Features

  • Updates apps downloaded from the Play Store
  • Enhances user experience on Android devices
  • Improves experience when gaming
  • Connects other apps on the device to Google services

Although Google Play Services is an app, it serves as a sort of buffer between the Android OS and your device. It helps the Android device perform better and provides seamless functionality between apps.

The app is free to download and usually comes already installed on certified Android devices. There are a few alternatives like MicroG and OpenGapps, which provide similar functions. If you don’t want Google Play Services on your device, either of these will work fine. Also, they are free and open source.

Disabling Google Play Services

 First of all, if you have a device that runs on Android, we do not recommend disabling Play Services. That is because you will lose a lot of functionality. Many apps will not work without Google Play Services.

Nonetheless, you might decide that you want to do without the app and don’t mind losing the benefits it provides. In such a case, you can disable (and re-enable) the app by following the steps below:

  1. Go to Settings and tap on Apps
  2. Tap on Google Play Services
  3. Select the Disable option

You would need to follow the same process to enable the app.

Google Play Services for Developers

This is a core tool for Android app developers. If you are a developer, Google Play Services will help you build better apps. It also provides different tools to help you tighten the security of your app. Plus, it’s a great way to get exposed to many users.

Whether you are an Android device user or an app developer, there is no getting away from Google Play Services. It is an essential app for Android devices. It might get a bit annoying for users because it interacts with almost every app without necessarily getting your permission. Still, it is a minor annoyance and the app does exactly what it was designed to do.



  • Increases security of your Android device.
  • Enhances user experience across apps.
  • Enables enhanced functionality for app developers.
  • Limited functionality of Android devices without the app.
  • If Google Play Services has bugs, your Android device will have bugs.

Google Play Services

You are going to be redirected to the external website to download the app.

Frequently asked questions

Can I operate my Android device without Google Play Services?

Yes, you can operate your Android device without Google Play Services. However, certain functions will stop working if you disable Google Play Services.

Is Google Play Services the same as the Play Store?

Google Play Store is the platform to download apps and games, and it is different from Google Play Services.

Do I need to pay to use Google Play Services?

Google play services is completely free and usually comes pre-installed in most devices.


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