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Currently, we can find a wide variety of games and interactive experiences in the IOS and Android stores, but few have the reputation and cultural impact that has achieved the Ustwo-developed game, "Monument Valley".

Monument Valley was launched in 2013, presenting itself as a breath of fresh air in the video game industry, with innovative level design and vibrant colors that invite the user to enter the world. Over the years its visual and artistic style has remained relevant and fun, without going out of style.

Explore a new world of entertainment

First, we should mention that the game is paid, although with a reasonable and accessible price in both Android and IOS stores.

The game is all about puzzles and problem-solving and is based on the handling of the world around the player, taking inspiration from the drawings of artist Ken Wong. The experience features elements such as optical illusions and impossible objects, making it a stimulating experience for the player's creativity and ingenuity.

The platformer contains visual elements found in Japanese prints, as well as minimalist constructions. The developers have mentioned that these artistic choices were intended to make the player decipher the game's objective through exploration, avoiding guiding the player directly.


The main character of the game is Princess Ida, who must enter labyrinths made up of optical illusions in order to reach the end of each map. On the way she will find different elements that will guide her, such as intuitive colors, secondary characters and secret passages that will help her to achieve her goal. You can also perform tasks to get closer to the end of each of the 10 levels, such as moving platforms or columns, or creating bridges momentarily.

Usually, mobile games have the problem of being repetitive, becoming boring and predictable for the user. But in the case of Monument Valley, each of the 10 levels is based around a different core mechanic, achieving a fresh and renewed experience throughout the game.

More information about the game

  1. The game has a camera mode that the player can use to freely roam around the level to take screenshots. It also offers the possibility of adding filters similar to those of Instagram.
  2. It is available for Android, IOS, and Windows, making it very accessible to the public on different platforms.
  3. An expansion to the game was released in 2014 by the same company to complement the original levels.
  4. The creative style of the game has been compared to drawings created by artist M. C. Escher.

Highlights and feel of the game

The creators of the game have compared the game to being inside a toy store, and it really feels that way. Monument Valley manages to be a fun and exciting experience not only for children, but for indie game lovers regardless of age. Its charming visuals, accompanied by the calm and soothing soundtrack also make it inviting to those not so closely related to the gaming environment.

The game takes elements from pop culture and references many other pieces of art from the past, as well as alluding to mechanics found in others past games loved by the audience at the time. It contains a broad spectrum of elements that relate excellently to each other to create an engaging and visually dazzling experience.

Final thoughts

In the current state of mobile gaming, Monument Valley delivers an experience that few other games do, drawing the player into its world and slowly taking them through all it has to offer. The latter is reinforced by the style of gameplay that rewards the player for exploring and searching for the goal of each level on their own.



  • Engaging and immersive experience that leaves the player wanting for more.
  • It has very soft and well produced graphics.
  • It can be played by children and adults alike.
  • It's not free.
  • The game takes up more than 300MB in storage.
  • Players may find Monument Valley very short.

Monument Valley

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Frequently asked questions

Will the game release on console?

Monument Valley was designed to be a touchscreen game, so it won't release on console.

How do I synchronize my progress across my different iOS devices?

The game saves progress by uploading it to the ICloud service, so make sure you log in with the same account and your progress will be the same as always.

Where can I find the soundtrack of the video game?

The official soundtrack is available on ITunes, Amazon, and Google Play.


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