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Do you like board games? Then, you've probably played the well-known Monopoly. This capitalistic game is the best-selling privately patented board game in history. It has its origins in 1935. Thus, it was based on a much older board game called The Landlord’s Game, created at the beginning of the 20th century.

Monopoly is a 2 - 6 players board game and its main goal is to bankrupt your opponents by buying property. Monopoly Go is a new digital adaptation of the legendary game, which allows players to make free rolls and move their pieces around the board without having to pay. It is also a no endgame. No more bankrupting players - just pure fun!

Play an amazing new version of Monopoly

The game presents a board similar to the traditional 'Monopoly', through which we will move around collecting money from our rents and dodging fines and taxes. The game has no end. The objective is simply to increase our wealth as much as possible, and the only thing the player is asked to do is to roll the dice: the rest of the game is automatic as the piece moves and collects money. The strategic point is to manage multipliers that provide us with more income. A very simple game that hides an absolutely addictive development.

By rolling the dice, you can move your pawn around the board, and you get rewards according to the squares on which it stops.

Types of squares on the board

  1. Property squares are the most common ones. They reward players with money when they land on them, and allow construction of houses. Once the player has created 5 houses on a single property square, they will be able to build a hotel. Property squares also allow players to charge rent to other players in certain conditions.
  2. Railroad squares allows you to play one of the mini-games, Bank Heist - to steal money from their opponents- or Shutdown -to knock down one of the other player’s buildings. There are four railroad squares in total.
  3. Special Corner squares are located at each of the corners of the Monopoly Go board. Each of these squares is unique and has a special effect (go, jail visitors, free parking, go to jail)
  4. Tax squares require you to pay a tax. These squares include the Luxury Tax and Income Tax tiles.
  5. Chances squares have the challenge of drawing a card and depending on their luck, the player wins or loses money.
  6. Community chest squares are map tiles that allow the players to open the community chest once they land on one of them. These squares are likely to award the player with money and allow you to play a mini-game if you have enough friends invited.
  7. Utility squares are usually safe spaces in Monopoly GO. When a player lands on one of them, they will receive a free money bonus. There are only two utility squares on the monopoly board, the Electric Company and the Water Works.

How to get more rolls

Dice are key to progressing in Monopoly. Fortunately, there are several ways to get more rolls.

  • Tournaments and Milestones: As you progress through a tournament or milestone event, you will get dice rewards at various checkpoints.
  • Quick Wins: They are daily tasks that earn players different rewards.
  • Daily Treats: They are rewards you earn by playing the game daily.
  • Stickers for Rewards: Sticker stars are earned by collecting duplicate stickers.
  • Album and sets: When you complete one of the album sets, you will get an amount of dice.
  • Inviting Friends: You can get dice rolls as a reward by inviting your friend to join Monopoly Go.

Monopoly Go is a successful mobile game that captures the essence of the classic Monopoly game board, while adding some fresh twists.

If you like this game and can't get friends or family together to play, this is the game you need to ensure a fun time. Not only can you play Monopoly wherever and whenever you want, but the Free Dice feature also includes exciting new game modes and challenges that will keep you hooked for hours on end. Say goodbye to boring old dice rolls, and hello to a whole new world of Monopoly fun.



  • Free game.
  • No endgame.
  • Rewards for inviting friends to join Monopoly go.
  • Extra challenging mini games to get rewards.
  • Not available for PC.
  • Technical problems reported (blocking when claiming a reward, points of team members do not match, blocking of players who are not on the friends list).

Monopoly Go

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Frequently asked questions

What devices can I play Monopoly Go on?

The game is available for iPhone and Android smartphones. There is no official version of Monopoly GO on PC. However, emulators are the perfect solution for getting around that.

How can I exchange stickers?

In the Album menu, stickers of which you have multiple copies are marked with a “+1” (or a higher number). Touch the sticker you want to swap and click the “Send” button. Choose a friend and send the sticker to them! Remember that you must be connected to Facebook to be able to send stickers

How can I progress faster in Monopoly Go?

The Quick Wins event offers a great opportunity to increase rewards and speed up progress in Monopoly GO. By tapping the “Wins” icon, completing all tasks to fill the progress bar, and ensuring all rewards are claimed, it's easy to boost performance and win big prizes.


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