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CodyCross is a fun-filled game developed by Fanatee, and one of the most popular in Trivia games out there: it’s been already downloaded more than 150 million times! If you’re a crossword fan, this word puzzle game set in a space-themed environment will give you the opportunity to put your word and trivia skills to the test.

It all starts when Cody, a cute and friendly alien from the planet COD-X, lands on Earth and intends to learn everything about the planet. By finding the answers to the crossword puzzles, you’ll be helping him find out more and more!

Oh, and get this: Cody records everything he learns during his adventures in books. The more levels you complete, the more books he adds to his theme-organized library! You can also buy books with bitz (the game’s second currency, the first being tokens).

How to play CodyCross

CodyCross is really easy to learn. Each level or “adventure” consists of five puzzles, and each puzzle, in turn, consists of 14 words of the same length. You’ll see the clues in a list, along with the blank spaces corresponding to the words below. You can tap on any word of the list and fill in the blanks, spelling each answer to solve the clues. When you write in a correct word, some letters will drop into other answers to help you! Once you solve all the 14 clues in a puzzle, you’re done with that level, and Cody will be able to add a book to his library!

You’ll notice that the clues get more difficult as you move through levels. Power-ups might come in handy in times of word-finding trouble: for just one to three tokens, you can get to insert letters for extra help when you get stuck. In come Cody’s helpers:

  • Dibz reveals a single letter for just 1 token when dropped into an empty blank slot.
  • Liz reveals random letters on the board for 2 tokens.
  • Voltz also gives you a cosmic helping hand for 2 tokens: it makes the keyboard display only the letters you need to solve a clue.
  • Twiz reveals a whole word for you, for 3 tokens. Using this power-up doesn’t prevent you from getting the hints you normally receive when answering correctly!

Apart from getting these helpers’ assistance by investing your tokens, you can also acquire them by watching ads or as rewards when you open your daily chest.

By the way, daily chests are rewards you receive and can collect every 24 hours, and which may contain, apart from power-ups, tokens or bitz.

CodyCross availability

You can get CodyCross for free on Google Play Store and App Store for your Android and iOS devices, but there are also in-app purchases available in case you feel like investing in extra features.

Getting a subscription to CodyCross includes these benefits:

  1. Ad removal: you can play without being interrupted by ads, and just watch ads to earn rewards whenever you want to.
  2. Infinite energy: energy for missions will never end!
  3. Special Premium chests: you’ll get exclusive chests as daily reward.
  4. Full access to daily crosswords: fun has no limits!
  5. Double Bitz rewards: bitz are earned by doing puzzles. If you subscribe, you’ll get twice the bitz!

Subscribing is as easy as going to the Store tab and following the instructions under the “VIP access” section. Another possibility is by following the prompt’s instructions when trying to unlock levels or when you run out of energy during a Mission.

In conclusion

CrossCody is suitable for players of all ages, whether you just want to pass the time, test your word skills or learn new things along the way. Every word puzzle lover should give this incredibly fun, engaging and out-worldly game a try. So, go ahead, and happy puzzling!



  • User-friendly and intuitive.
  • Highly motivating for fun-facts lovers.
  • User support is responsive and addresses problems quickly.
  • Some clues are not really helpful.
  • The game is ad-supported unless you subscribe.
  • A recurring bug keeps disrupting the daily streak.


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Frequently asked questions

Can CodyCross be played offline?

Yes, within the main world map and so long as you’ve loaded the map before going offline.

Can I play CodyCross on multiple devices?

Yes, but connecting your game to an online account will guarantee that your progress will be accessible from any device you play the game on.

What if I find factual errors in the puzzles?

If there’s wrong information in any of the puzzles, you should let Fanatee know by going to the Options menu while in the game, and tap on the “Report word” option. They’ll appreciate it!


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