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Finding interesting video games can be challenging, especially when we talk about smartphone games. Most titles limit themselves to short experiences since the format for smartphones is different than other devices that can expand their storyline, and it is weird to find a lengthy game with a good narrative available as an app. At least that is what we thought until we found OXENFREEN, a game developed by Netflix with the plot of a good movie. 

We are always searching for incredible apps and games, so when we heard about OXENFREEN we were intrigued. Is it real that a smartphone game has a complex and engaging storyline? A choose-your-own-story for mobile? We had to test it, of course! In this post, we are telling you everything about OXENFREEN and our experience with it. 

OXENFREEN, an interactive game where decisions matter

Developed by Netflix, OXENFREEN is a game with an incredible storyline that will keep you hooked for hours. If you enjoy titles like Life is Strange, or maybe you liked the Netflix interactive show Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, where you need to make decisions and the story develops following your direction, then OXENFREEN is right on your alley. 

The game follows Alex, a rebellious and smart teenage girl, who invites her new stepbrother Jonas to a mysterious party on an island with her friends. Things go well until her friends go missing, and she needs to find where is everybody. The more she explores the island she realizes that the place is haunted by something weird, and a series of strange events start to take place. 

Your decisions change the story, replies, and actions. In this game, decisions matter, and you can guide Alex to the outcome that you think is the best. But, the best part is that if you don’t like the story or you want to change something, you can play it all over again, change your decisions, and therefore, change the game. 

A haunted island with paranormal events

As soon as we began the game, we realized that not only the storyline and dialogues were good, but the animation and illustration were engaging too. One of the main things that we adored about the game was that you can explore anything you like, click on every location, read all signs, and play as you want to as you go. No rules, and no time, you can take your time exploring the island. 

We loved the dialogue and the plot, so much that we couldn’t take our eyes off the game until it was over. Each new twist reveals a bit more of the mystery, but the reality is that the end result is unexpected no matter what. 

This element of surprise is what kept us going further to discover what was actually happening. It is also interesting that the story is based on World War II and it uses real facts with fantasy in such a way that it is a believable story. 

OXENFREEN has a nice rhythm, but we wouldn’t recommend it to not-so-patient players. There are phases of the game where you have to repeat entire storylines over and over, and this could be a bit boring for people. Of course, this is a narrative, choose your own story game, which tends to have a slower pace. 

OXENFREEN is available to all Netflix users. So, if you have an active subscription, you can download and start to play right now! You will find a shortcut to download OXENFREEN below this post, and to install it, you just have to follow the indications of the app store. 



  • Engaging and interesting. It is an entertaining game with an incredible plot that keeps you hooked all the time.
  • Intuitive and easy to play. Nothing challenging, everybody could play it.
  • Incredible animations with an unique style.
  • It can lag or crash in some devices, especially if you have little RAM.
  • Only available with Netflix subscription.


You are going to be redirected to the external website to download the app.

Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to play OXENFREE for free?

The app and game is only available for Netflix users. If you have an active subscription, you can play.

Does changing the actions does anything to the end result?

The story can change drastically depending on your decisions. The characters' storylines changes, and you can even alter the current reality.


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