GTA: San Andreas - NETFLIX

GTA: San Andreas - NETFLIX

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Only a few video game titles can maintain their popularity through the years, and only a few titles can claim to be best-seller games in different generations. Of course, we are talking right now about GTA: San Andreas, a classic game that has become a well-known experience for many players all over the world. The original app for smartphones has a price of $6,99, but what if you could play it for free?

Due to its popularity, the company Netflix has decided to integrate the game into its catalog of apps, and now you can play it for free with your Netflix subscription! If you already have a Netflix account, you can download GTA: San Andreas - NETFLIX and start to play right away. 

We are big fans of the original game, so of course we wanted to download and try the Netflix version. In this post, we share with you our experience with it and our thoughts about its graphics, story, controls, and more. At the end of the post, you can find a shortcut to download the game on your device. 

GTA: San Andreas - NETFLIX has some solid features

The Netflix version of San Andreas keeps the same storyline, iconic missions, and characters. You will be CJ, a young man going back home when his mom gets murdered, and now is trying to recover his reputation on the street. This port version doesn’t change anything from the original game, so you can drive, fight, kill, and much more. 

An addition that we were not expecting in this version was the possibility of using cheat codes like in the OG version! They are the same cheat codes and you can find them in the accessibility menu. 

Our first impressions about the game were the graphics. It has decent graphics for smartphones, but we found that it looks much better on a tablet. The image resembles the iconic game, the characters are the same, and the design of the game feels nostalgic. 

Another incredible surprise was the performance. We tested the game on different devices, and it ran fairly well on all of them. In some devices with less RAM, the device can lag or even heat up too much. However, most devices can run the game perfectly without much complications. 

The story is the same, the experience is not

Even though we loved having the original game back with the same missions and plot, the reality is that the experience is not the same. The main issue with the game is the controls. Unfortunately, the controls implemented in the game are not intuitive at all, and it is frustrating to do basic activities. Even running becomes a struggle. 

San Andreas is a game that requires accurate, intuitive, and sensitive controls. Instead, this version complicates driving, chasing, running away… well, everything. You have three options to control the game, and the better option is the Digital. Analogue and Slider will give you hand cramps and frustration after getting killed or busted quickly. 

Other than this issue, we loved the app and the game. If you can get around the control issues and practice enough to get the hang of it, the game is worth downloading and trying. Also, it is completely free if you already have a Netflix account! You don’t need to pay anything extra and you have full access to the entirety of the game

To download GTA: San Andreas - NETFLIX click the shortcut below and follow the instructions of the app store to install the game. Synchronize the app with your Netflix account, and you will be ready to start!



  • Great graphics, especially for tablets.
  • It runs decently in most devices.
  • It has the same story, characters, missions, and features.
  • Extremely hard to control the character, drive, run, and anything else.
  • It can lag in some devices, even though is not much.
  • Smartphone image quality is not the best.

GTA: San Andreas - NETFLIX

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Frequently asked questions

Is GTA: San Andreas - Netflix completely free?

If you have a Netflix subscription, you don't need to pay anything else to play.

Is the story exactly the same as the OG version?

Yes, this port version doesn't change the story, missions, or characters.


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