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Sonic Dash

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Everyone knows the beloved blue hedgehog who runs at speeds so fast that the human eye can't distinguish his feet from his head. Sonic is a character loved by young and old for his charisma and ability to defeat bad guys. Since his appearance in video games over 30 years ago, Sonic has done nothing but become more popular with each game released.

In this installment, we can see Sonic as the protagonist of an endless runner called Sonic Dash, where the goal is to reach the greatest distance possible, while trying to dodge enemies and collect the iconic golden rings we all know.

Memories of the past brought back to the present

The game brings together all the famous and beloved elements from previous games, compiled into a colorful and frenetic experience that leaves players wanting more. Players have the opportunity to play with their favorite characters as Sonic is not the only character available, but also other classic personalities from the series such as Tails, Knuckles and Amy.

In addition, progressing through the game unlocks special versions of the characters, which include fun and witty costumes, making the game appealing to kids and teens.

Sonic Dash expands the experience through the zone building section, where players can rebuild different locations found in the game. These activities and upgrades are done with items earned through gameplay, such as rings and animals that the main character rescues while running.

It is not like any other endless runner

The game, in addition to its main entertainment, features a range of minigames and curiosities that add to the experience, making it more immersive and entertaining for the player.

  • Special events: in Sonic Dash, we can regularly find events that highlight different skins and special characters, helping the player to obtain them more easily.
  • Prize roulette: players can exchange resources found in the game for shots in the roulette, which offers different prizes every week. Among the prizes can be found special cards, coins, and other benefits.
  • Boss battles: the game includes major battles with well-known villains from the franchise, such as Dr. Eggman or Zazz, a member of the Deadly Six.
  • Special characters: characters from outside the franchise can be found and obtained as the game hosts special events on a regular basis, integrating well-known personalities from other games.

In this sector of the gaming industry, Sonic Dash manages to stand out from its competitors thanks to its immense world of possibilities, vibrant colors and fresh music that make each play through a completely different gaming experience from the one before it.

Don't have time to upgrade? Visit the store!

The in-game store offers a wide variety of regularly updated deals, and the player can use in-game resources to purchase coins or gems without spending the time it takes to collect them through in-game attempts.

Sonic Dash, like many other games, has an integrated system of microtransactions that require real money, which allows the player to access rewards without the need to invest so many hours in the game. The player can buy all kinds of resources, from character cards to rings and gems to accelerate their progress quickly.

In addition, users can purchase packs, which include combinations of resources and characters. One-time purchases are also available, which grant advantages to the user, such as an extra life in all their games or double rings in the matches from the moment of purchase.

Anyway, is it worth it or is it just nostalgia?

One could say that these games based on franchises only shine for being part of something bigger, but in the case of Sonic Dash, that idea couldn't be more wrong. The game stands on its own and will spark the same feeling of enjoyment in longtime fans as well as those encountering the hedgehog for the first time.



  • The game is constantly renewing its offers and rewards.
  • The game controls are simple and easy to learn.
  • The graphics are impressive and full of life.
  • The game takes up quite a bit of storage space.
  • It has a lot of ads that sometimes become overwhelming.
  • Progressing through the game takes quite a few hours.

Sonic Dash

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Frequently asked questions

How do I control the character?

The character is controlled by sliding your finger on the screen in the desired direction.

Can the game be played offline?

Yes, the basic aspects of the game are available offline, however, the leaderboards and rankings require an internet connection.

On which platforms is it available?

The game is available for IOS and Android.


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