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At first glance, the terms related to the Apple TV ecosystem might seem like a tongue twister —and they actually are kind of tricky to decipher: Apple TV app, Apple TV+, Apple TV. What’s all this about? To ensure clarity, let’s break them down.

  • Apple TV: this refers to the physical streaming device that you connect to your TV, turning it into a “smart” television.
  • Apple TV+: this is a subscription-based streaming service offered by Apple. It’s accessed through the Apple TV app, which in turn comes pre-installed on Apple devices such as the Apple TV itself.

The interface

The visually appealing, recently redesigned Apple TV app interface makes navigating and accessing content an easy and intuitive experience. The Home screen presents "Up Next", which is your personal watch list (your favorites and partially-watched content), recommendations and featured content (Top Chart: Movies, Top Chart: TV, Now on Apple TV+, For You), coming releases (Coming to Apple TV+), and direct access to subscribed channels or connected apps (Channels & Apps). Also, the Store tab shows both movies and TV shows available to buy or rent.

Supported devices

The Apple TV app is, of course, already available on many Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, and Apple TV with the latest versions of iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and tvOS.

But that’s not it: it’s not necessary to be an Apple device owner to enjoy this app. There are many other TV and streaming devices where you can find the Apple TV app: Samsung and LG Smart TVs, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, PlayStation 4 and 5 are just a few.

Content library

The initial attention-grabber when browsing through programs and movies on the app’s dashboard is how limited the content library appears to be —especially if you compare it to the more varied offer of the main competitors (Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and Max). Apple’s focus on quality over quantity may explain it: they’d rather provide a range of original, high-quality series, films, children’s shows and documentaries than overwhelm users with lots of average or repetitive content.

It seems like Apple doesn’t really want to compete, but to offer an exclusive service you cannot do without. Some shows you won’t find anywhere else are The Morning Show, Ted Lasso and Hijack. New exclusive content is released monthly!

Apart from Apple originals, you can access other content:

  • live sports,
  • movies and shows for purchase or rent,
  • channels like Paramount+, Starz, and AMC+,
  • streaming services such as Disney+, Max, Peacock and more.

While there’s no back catalog of beloved classics, you’re sure to find something that might interest you.


The basic Apple TV+ subscription includes a free 7-day trial plan. It’s affordable and grants you access to Apple TV+’s full content library.

Another subscription option is the Apple One bundle, which includes the streaming service plus other six Apple services such as Apple Arcade, Apple Watch, iCloud+ and others. With this option, the free trial 1-month long.

Interestingly, those who purchase an Apple device get a free 3-month trial.

Soccer enthusiasts can also get their hands on a special subscription: the MLS (Major League Soccer) season pass, which gives you access to all live matches —including the MLS Cup Playoffs!

Final thoughts

Needless to say, the Apple TV app is for those who already have an Apple TV+ subscription. Its focus on exclusivity and quality grants a unique user experience, which makes it ideal for those seeking premium entertainment options at an affordable price. If that’s your case, then Apple TV+ and the Apple TV app are definitely a good choice.



  • Completely add free.
  • Simultaneous streaming on up to 6 devices.
  • Downloads for offline watching available.
  • Small content library compared to other streaming services.
  • No dedicated app to use Apple TV on Android mobile devices.
  • Confusing app experience.

Apple TV

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Frequently asked questions

Can I watch Apple TV on my Android device?

The Apple TV app can be downloaded onto Android TV streaming devices. However, the app isn’t compatible with non-TV Android devices.

Is the Apple TV app expensive?

No! In fact, the app is free to use. You do need to have subscribed to Apple TV+ or any Apple TV Channel to watch content inside the app.

Can I watch HBO for free on the Apple TV app?

No, you have to subscribe to HBO (you can do it via the Apple TV app’s add-on), to stream the shows and movies you want.


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