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When searching for antivirus, Avast is the first one that pops up, but, why? The answer is simple. Avast’s allure lies in an excellent protection against online threats and malware, scanning and analysing your device, your online network, blocks suspicious downloads and activities and protects your webcam from lurkers. On top of this, the app provides us with a great VPN service to browse peacefully and without worrying.

Avast's security tests

Avast had studies and tests done by independent European labs and the results are astonishingly great! AV-TEST, a german institution granted Avast the “Top Product Certificate” thanks to its efficacy to detect either new or older malware, both on its free and paid version. In the “Real World Protection Report”, Avast proved that its free version detects 99.6% of viruses, a surprisingly high number for a free antivirus. But it isn’t perfect. Other mainstream antiviruses like Norton and Avira blocked 100% of the malware during tests. 

In a malware protection test, Avast managed to detect and take measures against 99.97% of online malware threats and displayed two false alarms, a lot better than the shocking 96 displayed by Panda. Despite not reaching the 100% of blockage performance, Avast was granted the highest “AAA” award.

Avast’s features and personal plans

Avast offers a wide fan of tools and features to help maintain a safe online presence. Bear in mind that these features are dependent on the plan you get. Let’s take a look!

The Free plan includes:

  • Malware and real time protection.
  • App monitoring
  • Firewall. 

Avast Premium Security includes the previous features plus:

  • Webcam protection.
  • Ransomware shield.
  • Malicious website protection.

As expected, the top tier paid plan includes the aforementioned features, plus: 

  • Optimization tools.
  • Data breach monitoring.
  • Tracker blocker.
  • SecureLine.
  • VPN
  • Automatic driver updates

As expected, the paid plans are very feature-loaded.

Avast’s business plans 

Undoubtedly, Avast is a great solution for your needs, providing various business features depending on the size and needs of your business. Avast’s Small Office plan includes a wifi inspector to repair weak spots of your network that might jeopardize your security, as well as a 24-hour Business-grade customer support to help you on any of your needs. It also includes a sensitive data shield, phishing net, a data shredder and most innovatively, The Sandbox, providing a safe space to test new documents, programs and files without compromising your PC at all!

Other plans include Avast’s Business Security (offering three plans, essential, premium and ultimate) which offers Avast Antivirus, plus IT support, Identity and data protection, and an online platform for management. 

Avast's most convenient plan

Keeping in mind that Avast has both free and paid versions, the pricing is relatively reasonable, allowing you to get the minimal security features for free. But the most convenient option seems to be the Avast One Package, with a malicious website, webcam and tracking protection plus VPN for anonymity. The regular user is protected with an almost invincible shield against online threats.

It is important to mention that prices varies on where you live, for example, american prices are lower than the ones in most european countries, and in england it is significantly higher but of course one can choose between all of the available plans depending on one's wallet.

Where can I use Avast?

Avast is of course available for both mobile devices as well as computers with windows and iOS

Should I have Avast?

Avast one is a great solution for global device protection, allowing it to protect from  to 30 devices as well as several security features to keep you safely guarded. It’s among the best antiviruses and for a fair reason, its efficacy and features are indeed remarkable. The app has gone through some data-related issues but there’s been no further complaints since, making the app perfectly reputable and trustworthy. Avast should definitely be taken into consideration when protecting your devices and your privacy, guaranteeing a great coverage even on its free plan. Avast definitely deserves its 4,5 stars!



  • Free and useful version
  • Tons of innovative and useful features
  • Easy to use
  • Offers an efficient protection
  • Is tested in independent laboratories
  • You need to pay for a lot of features
  • Made headlines in 2020 due to data leacking
  • Some personal plans are very expensive in many countries
  • Business plans are really expensive
  • It doesn’t detect 100% of viruses

Antivirus Avast Free

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Frequently asked questions

Will the performance of my pc slow down when using Avast?

Avast could affect the performance of your pc during scans, depending on your system’s configuration, but it generally runs smoothly and without problems.

What are the system requirements for Avast to run on my computer?

The system requirements includes Windows 11/10/8/8.1/7 SP1 in 32-64 bit versions (won’t run on Windows editions earlier than Windows 7) or iOS 13/14 or any iOS at version 10.0 or higher, a Windows/iOS fully compatible PC with Intel Premium 4/AMD Athlon 64 processor or above, 1GB RAM, 2GB free space on the hard disk, an internet connection and optimally standard screen resolution (no less than 1024x768)

How do I activate Avast Free Antivirus on my devices?

Avast Free Antivirus is activated automatically after installation. After 12 months, the app needs you to renew the activation.


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