Bing: Chat with AI and GPT-4

Bing: Chat with AI and GPT-4

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One of the latest technology innovations that has taken the world by storm is artificial intelligence, and now everybody is talking about it. From revolutionizing information to transforming jobs, AI is something that is here to stay. One of the main names in the industry is GPT, and if you haven’t used it yet, we are sure that at least you heard of it.

In this post, we try the Bing: Chat with AI & GPT mobile app, a version to take this powerful tool on the go. We will share our experience with the app, and our favorite features, and compare it with other AI language processors.

GPT is changing the game one conversation at a time

When we sat down to review this app, the first logical step to take was to ask Bing Chat with AI & GPT 4 what it was exactly to help us understand. The AI answered, “Bing Chat with AI is a mobile app that allows you to chat with an AI-powered assistant and get answers to your questions… is built on the power of GPT-4 and is designed to understand your intent and provide accurate information.” It is a simple reply that already explains a lot.

Bing Chat with AI & GPT 4 feels like a personal assistant that can help you find any information you need, but it is better because you can have an entire report in just a few seconds. Do you need a recipe? Do you want to understand a complicated subject like crypto? Learning a new language with a tutor? Needing a piece of code to finish your app? Creating an image from scratch? Anything you want, this app has it.

Each time we wanted to challenge it, the AI surprised us with a great answer. We asked for an Italian crash course, a programming code for a game, math problems and solutions, the recipe for the original Pomodoro sauce, and a college art degree program with mandatory subjects for people who cannot afford college, and each time, we got an excellent reply.

GPT-4 mobile version is even better

We tried the desktop version and then the app and the experience is basically the same with some exceptions. Our experience with it was positive, the interface is intuitive, the performance is smooth on all devices, and of course, we now have the possibility to take it everywhere we go.

One of the additions that we enjoyed was the possibility of talking to the AI. The app allows you to record voice messages, ask questions, and chat with the bot. We think this is a great feature if you are on the go and cannot type quickly. It can answer all your questions quickly without much effort on your side.

Another great addition was the possibility of creating images with the help of DALL-E. You can describe exactly what you want to see, and the AI will create the image for you. Not only you can summon images, but you can also get them for different questions, something that the previous versions of GPT couldn’t do.

Bing Chat with AI vs. ChatGPT

These two AI apps are the current leaders on the market and are completely unique models from OpenAI. Comparing both apps seems unfair since the nature of each AI is different. If you are looking for an exclusive language model, then ChatGPT is an incredible tool.

Bing Chat with AI is powered by GPT 4, a newer and more complex version of ChatGPT, and by complex we mean that you can add images and ask for different formats of information because of DALL-E. Even though both come from OpenAI, the nature of each app is different. This is the most powerful and newer version of this revolutionary tool.

We recommend downloading Bing Chat with AI & GPT 4  on your mobile device to take this incredible assistant everywhere you go. You can find download shortcuts at the end of this post for your Android and iOS devices.



  • Intuitive interface. The app is simple to use and understand.
  • Follow up questions. Compared with previous versions, GPT4 asks clarifying questions to understand the intentions behind every question.
  • Accurate results. The AI analyze the context and intention of the question to provide appropriate answers, and it even cites sources.
  • Chats aren't private. Your information is taken to train the AI, so delicate information can be leaked while using the app.
  • Limited sessions. You can ask a limited amount of questions per day.

Bing: Chat with AI and GPT-4

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Frequently asked questions

Is Bing Chat with AI & GPT 4 free?

Yes, you can download and use Bing Chat with AI & GPT 4 for free.

Is Bing Chat with AI & GPT 4 the same as ChatGPT?

Both were created by OpenAI. However, ChatGPT is exclusively a language processor using GPT 3.5. Bing Chat with AI & GPT 4 is the latest and more powerful version of the model.


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