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Google Duo

Video calls connect us with our family and friends, making us feel closer to them no matter how many miles they are apart. Therefore, it is important that you have the best interface in video calls for this purpose. One of the best options is Google Duo, an app from this internet giant with which making video calls will be completely simple and comfortable. You only have to download Google Duo and associate it with a real phone number that you have. So, that you can videocall and receive calls from your contacts in this way.

Google Duo offers a great alternative to FaceTime, since you can make videocalls to any device regardless of the operating system they have. As long as they have the app installed, you can call. In addition, it has a super simple interface in which you only get to see the front camera and your contact list. In this way the app is super intuitive and minimalist, so using it will be very simple. The best advantage that Google Duo offers is that when you receive a call, you can instantly see the image of the person who is calling without picking up, but they will only see your image if you answer. In this way you will be able to know immediately who is calling you.

Google Duo does not have complicated settings or chats. It is purely a fairly simple and very well-developed video call app, being able to make conferences of up to 12 people in the same call. If you want to make video calls quickly and without complications you should try Google Duo.

Google Duo important features

Google Duo will allow you to make video calls to your contacts using your phone number to identify yourself. You don't need to have a Google account, so iOS users can use it without any problem. The interface is quite simple, just register your number and you can call any contact that also has the application.

Among the features of Google Duo you find the Knock Knock option, with which you can see the image of the person who is calling you live before answering the call. This feature works on Android even with the screen locked. However on iOS it works only if you have the app in use. The image quality is generally very good, but it largely depends on the connection quality you have. Therefore, with this app you can make calls with Wi-Fi and also with your mobile data connection on your cell phone, being able to easily switch between them without the video call falling or stopping.

Google Duo also allows group video calls, with which you can make a video conference with up to 12 people. This way, you can have all your friends and family members in the same call. The calls in this app are encrypted. If you do not want to receive calls from a specific person, you have the possibility to block that contact in the app settings.

The first thing you should do after downloading the application is to accept Google's Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, as well as allow the app to have access to the camera and microphone, and to access your contacts. The app has a number verification system similar to that of WhatsApp, where you will have to enter your phone number and you will receive a verification code via SMS.

How to use Google Duo?

After you have accessed the app, you can start making video calls and group conferences. The main screen will show you your front camera along with a search bar for your contacts and a button for creating groups. To make a video call, just enter her name in the search bar, select that contact in the list and then click the video call icon. If the Knock Knock option is activated, Google Duo will notify you while you are making the call, and that means that the receiver of your call can see you before answering.

When you receive a call, an incoming video call notification will appear, along with the camera view of the person who is making the call, you will see the name or number of the incoming call and you will have the option to answer or end the call. Notifications can be configured in the app to choose how you want to see incoming calls.

When you make a video call you will have several tools at hand, such as mute it, toggle between the front or rear camera, you can modify the displayed thumbnail of your camera to make it bigger or smaller, you have a low light button and an end button. It is really a very simple app to use, but quite useful.

In the contact list you can see those who have the Google Duo application installed, you can search for them by name or by number. You can also send invitations so that your contacts who do not use Google Duo install the app, since if they do not have it installed they will not be able to receive your video calls.

How to download Google Duo?

There are different well-known video call applications, but without a doubt one of the most intuitive and easy to use is Google Duo, be sure to install it and check it for yourself. Despite being a Google app, you can not only install on Android, iOS users can also download Google Duo.

The app requires a minimum version of Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and iOS 11.0 operating system. You must search the app in official stores (Google Play Store and Apple App Store), when you enter Google Duo in the search engine, it will appear in the list of apps if your device is compatible.

Press Install and wait a few moments for the app to download on your device. Then accept the Privacy Policy and the Google Terms of Service, give the required permissions and that's it, you can now start making video calls with your friends and family.

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