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If you’re here, you must already be familiar with the idea of “building a second brain”, which involves storing categorized, useful information “externally” with the help of so-called productivity/knowledge management tools such as Coda. It's all about shaping productivity: instead of taking up memory space from your biological brain, they store all data (the notes you take) and allow you to make connections.

Coda is a productivity tool that not only lets you take notes, but also create documents, spreadsheets, databases and more, all-in-one.

Main functions

Coda is flexible and allows you to manage projects according to your team’s unique needs and objectives. Its most common uses include:

  • Taking notes, which is as easy as creating a page and recording your comments for future reference.
  • Creating roadmaps, a visual, sequential way of organizing all activities in the order they’re supposed to be executed.
  • Tracking project tasks and phases: with Coda, you can break down a project’s phases into tasks and create tables to clearly visualize each stage and have an overview of pending tasks, tasks in progress and completed tasks.
  • Brainstorming and voting sessions, among others, are ways in which the whole team participates and gets involved in the project.
  • Creating and distributing reports to make sure each and every team member knows exactly where they are: what the objectives and the next steps are.  

Add superpowers to your docs

Coda’s Packs enhance its functionalities by integrating with other tools commonly used in digital and even remote working environments, like Google's Gmail and Calendar, GitHub, and Slack. The number of packs available depends on the pricing plan you get.

Make things easier

Using Coda’s Automations simplify processes and make tasks more efficient by allowing you to replace the repetitive tasks in your doc with autopilot-like actions.

Pricing plans

Coda offers a pricing plan for everyone. All of them include unlimited editors and unlimited viewers. Since the Free plan is for personal use, Doc Makers are unlimited as well. Paid plans with monthly or annual subscription are billed per Doc Maker.

  1. Free: if you’re just beginning and plan to use Coda for personal use, the Free plan allows you to get a taste of its functionalities. Bear in mind that doc size limitations apply when docs are shared. For personal or unshared docs, there are no size limits.
  2. Pro: includes all the functionalities in the free plan, plus unlimited doc size and access to Automations and Packs or extensions.
  3. Team: obviously ideal for teams, its features build on the previous plans, plus even more Automations and Packs, and advanced doc locking features for control.
  4. Enterprise: the best, all-inclusive option for corporate users, as it’s tailored to businesses’ needs.


Coda is available for Android and iOS devices. You can get the Android app via Google Play Store, and the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch app via the App Store. Get the links down below.

Comparison with other knowledge management tools

Coda is a pretty decent competitor against Notion. Both Coda and Notion are great software, but there are aspects where one outperforms the other. I think that from a technical point of view, Coda is better and could be compared to Obsidian. On the flip side, Notion is much more “usable” than these two, especially for beginners.

However, it really depends on individual use. An average, not necessarily tech user with basic needs can definitely take advantage of Coda's simplicity, and learn how to use it with no need to devote so much time to actually undergoing training.

Users with a background and understanding of spreadsheets and databases can also profit from Coda's flexibility, being able to explore more advanced possibilities and uses for the app.

Wrap-up thoughts

Unfortunately, even though everything Coda offers its users in terms of project managing and making documents powerful is cutting-edge, the mobile app experience is not so good. Its slowness to load is certainly a downer, but what’s even worse is that it feels more like a viewer and not as the strong editor the web version is. No wonder many users migrate to Notion.



  • All-in-one platform.
  • Highly personalized and flexible.
  • Collaboration is made easy.
  • The more complex your document, the slower the app gets.
  • Document organization could be improved.
  • No cloud storage.


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Frequently asked questions

Who is Coda for?

Coda is ideal both for individuals and teams who need a consistent project management tool, a document editor and collaboration tools all-in-one.

Is it easy to use?

There are definitely much more complicated apps out there. Coda is pretty intuitive to use, but as soon as you sign up, you can have the chance to follow an interactive tutorial to help you take your first steps.

Is Coda free?

Yes, there’s a limited basic version which you can access for free. More advanced features can be obtained by upgrading to the Pro, Team, or Enterprise versions according to your specific needs.


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