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Online shopping is probably the most entertaining and popular pastime ever, we all enjoy buying unnecessary stuff. For your purchasing impulses, here's Temu.

Temu is a Chinese online store with pretty much anything you want, with prices so low it can actually be hard to believe. Temu works like any other online shopping app, but much cheaper, fewer regulations and slower shipping. Temu has almost anything you want, from beauty, to fashion, home decor, gadgets, everything! Even car accessories. Temu's low prices, makes it immensely popular worldwide but, what else does it offer? Is it trustworthy? Let's check this out!

Temu's differences from other digital purchases services 

There are many and obvious differences between Temu and its competition, but regrettably, most of them are negative.

  • While most trustworthy and old shopping apps have strong and secure regulations, Temu has none at all, only offering a 90-day return insurance only if the product arrives at its destination. Amazon and other apps are regulated and offer a return policy, but also a lost or damaged package refund guarantee.
  • Lately, lots and lots of users have complained about their packages either arriving late or straight up never arriving.
  • When demanding Temu’s refund and return guarantee, many users reported that such aid was denied without further explanation or help from Temu. That is why it is a titanic challenge to get a refund from Temu, which on Amazon is quite simple.
  • Temu, unlike most of its competitors, is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), an organization focused on business and customer satisfaction. On the BBB's website, the app has a rating of 2.5 out of 5 stars.

Temu’s concerning truth

Despite its popularity (for example, it is considered the number one online shopping app in Germany) Temu is not short of complaints and suspicious claims.

For example, many users complained about the app for installing malware on customers' devices to take much more of their data than is reflected in the privacy policy. Lots of users complained that, after a few days of shopping at Temu, amounts of up to $500 were debited from their accounts, albeit in small amounts so as not to trigger the banks' anti-fraud functions, as well as the theft of credit card data and even espionage accusations. Such accusations have been confirmed by CNN in an investigation. Temu might be tempting due to its low prices, but they are low for a reason, they are cheaply made and of dubious quality, like pants that haven't been hemmed, appliances without cables or cosmetics terribly unsafe to use. 

Temu’s business strategies

Thanks to its aggressive marketing campaign and very cheap products, Temu uses “desirability” and “urgency” in its possible client, meaning, the fear of missing a great opportunity. Temu's popularity can also be attributed to other reasons, such as its strategy of giving away free items to users who promote the app on social networks, which encourages others to sign up, and the offer of free shipping on much of its catalog. Despite the aforementioned issues, Temu has remained hugely popular due to its large variety of products at incredibly cheap prices. Some renowned brands, such as Lenovo and Xiaomi, and if nothing goes wrong, a delivery waiting time ranging from 8 to 30 days.

An overview on Temu

Temu’s success can only be compared to its problematics, showing the app’s real issues. Buying from Temu can be tempting because of their prices and great catalog, but also a mistake, risking your private information and money on products of poor quality or that could never arrive at their destination, with nothing to be done. You can also receive what you ordered in a timely manner without any problem and use it without any inconvenience. Because of this serious breach of user privacy, Temu sadly deserves 2/5 stars.



  • Cheap prices.
  • A large variety of products.
  • Promoting the app can get you free products.
  • Great discounts on products and shipping.
  • Relatively short shipping time.
  • Offers products of dubious quality.
  • Lacks important certifications, such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB).
  • Product pictures shown in the app tend to be deceiving.
  • Temu has received several accusations of credit card information theft, involuntary charges and even espionage. It has also been proven to leak personal data and install malware
  • Its customer service is technically useless


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Frequently asked questions

Is Temu available everywhere?

Temu is not available everywhere, it is present in almost every continent but not in every country. You can use a virtual locker that acts as an intermediary between you and Temu, so you can buy objects from an unsupported location.

Can I find good electronics in Temu?

Most electronics in Temu do work despite being of generic brands. Lenovo and Xiaomi have begun to sell their products on the app.

Which payment method should I use?

Paypal is the most convenient paying method for Temu, so you can be covered by PayPal's Buyer Protection Guarantee. So, in case your order does not arrive and Temu does not give you a solution, you will be able to request a refund directly from PayPal.


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