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IMPORTANT NOTICE: After 7 years of service, Messenger Lite was canceled in 2023. Users were invited to switch to Messenger.

Communicating with others is something important, transmitting something you are thinking through messages or calls and even emoji has become something transcendental. For many people, it is necessary to have instant messaging apps on their cell phone, but we must admit that many times they take up too much storage. Even communicating day to day becomes interrupted by this kind of problem.

That's why Messenger Lite, comes to save your cell phone storage. It is a reduced version of the well-known Facebook Messenger app. Where you will have almost the same functions but without taking up so much space. It is an excellent option for people who are looking for a fast messaging tool that does not require much on the mobile device. 

How to get the app

The app can be found in the Play Store on Android. You can search for it, and you will find it, but it is not currently available for iOS if you have Apple. But the good news is that it is free and without any complications. Once installed, you must log in with Facebook and if you do not have one, you must select “create new account”. Grant the necessary permissions and you can start sending messages.

Discover this opportunity 

Developed by meta, formerly Facebook, this app has been created with the aim of offering a version that takes up less space and especially for low-end devices or those with slow Internet connections. Messenger Lite is an instant messaging app where you can send and receive messages without limits. Here are some of its features:

  • It offers security and privacy, to ensure that your conversations are safe.
  • Takes up little storage space
  • It is available in several languages
  • You can send emojis and stickers
  • Simple and easy to use design
  • You can send text messages, photos, and files
  • And it used a low battery consumption

That is, you have a lot of tools within this app and it fulfills the basic functions. Sometimes simple and functional is better. 

It is certainly a great option that you must have on your phone. It is very popular for offering messaging services and at the same time for consuming less resources.

Differences between Messenger and Messenger Lite 

You may wonder what the differences are or what you could be missing or using to your advantage with these two apps. I show you a comparison table to clear all your doubts:


Messenger Lite


App size

Takes up less space

Takes up more space

Data and performance

Ideal for low data consumption and low-end devices.

More features and therefore higher performance.

Ideal for devices with higher performance

Photos, messages, emojis



Games and dark mode




Less frequent

More frequent


Basic notifications to save consumption

Complete with advanced options

After seeing the comparison you will notice that although some features are not found in Messenger Lite, the basics for a fast messaging app, you will have it and for many this is just what is needed.

Optimize your life

If you don't want a lot of hassle and just the basic and simple functions of a messaging app, then Messenger Lite is for you. Its easy accessibility and essential functions have made it a very useful tool. It is a lifesaver for those who have a slow Wi-Fi connection, as it does not consume too much Internet. 

Basic, simple and offers you possibilities which are not found nowadays. Every company is focused on making apps bigger and full of features, so it is ideal to have a tool that gives you what others do not. Start trying this lightweight and powerful storage experience.



  • Low battery and storage consumption.
  • Offers basic quick messaging functions.
  • Simple interface and quick response.
  • Limited and not full-featured.
  • Not available for iOS devices.
  • Less frequent updates.

Messenger Lite

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Frequently asked questions

What is Messenger Lite?

It is the simplified and more efficient version of the Messenger app. It consumes less storage and has only the basic features.

Can I make video calls with Messenger Lite?

No, it does not support video calls

Can I use Messenger Lite without a Facebook account?

No, you need a Facebook account, as this app is linked to the platform.


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