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Opera GX stands out for being the first gamer browser. This browser, developed by Opera Software SA and available in Play Store and App Store, is focused on a teenage and young target and already has more than 10 million downloads. It is available in Spanish and English, as well as in more than 30 other languages.

About Opera GX

This web browser has a design focused on games. The Opera GX app offers the possibility of customizing the browser. It allows users to integrate it with gaming platforms and has an optimized performance. It is an app that has a lot to offer to users who are looking for an innovative way to browse the Internet while they are playing games.

On the negative side, it is important to know that, in terms of limitations, it has limited features, and it is possible that this will impact the system's performance.

Integration with games

One of the most significant advantages of Opera GX is the integration with different gaming platforms. Users can easily access their favorite gaming platforms directly from the browser. This allows them to stay connected with the gaming community. Opera GX's gaming-optimized performance offers an integrated gaming mode that ensures smooth performance while gaming, even when multiple tabs are running in the background, ensuring that the gaming experience is uninterrupted while surfing the web.

Gamer and customizable design

One of the most striking features of Opera GX it's the customizable design, which allows users to adjust the theme, colors and visual effects to match their personal style and preferences. This not only adds a touch of personalization, but also creates a visually appealing experience for users. Opera GX allows you to customize in themes such as:

  • GX Classic
  • Ultra Violet
  • Purple Haze and
  • White Wolf

Other benefits of using Opera GX

The GX Corner extension offers you daily gaming news, a calendar of upcoming releases and a Deals Aggregator. It's everything a gamer needs to stay on top of the latest gaming news and deals in their mobile web browser.

With this browser, you can connect your phone with your computer. Simply scan the QR code to connect your phone and computer with Flow. It's encrypted and secure, with no login, password, or account required. Send links, videos, files and notes to yourself with a single click and access them instantly in your web browser on all your devices.

Comparison with Chrome and Mozilla Firefox

Opera GX browser provides better privacy and security than Chrome and with more advanced productivity features, it is more intuitive and efficient than Chrome. Compared to Firefox, Opera GX is better in terms of privacy, speed, and freedom of customization. Opera GX offers more unique productivity features and allows access to more content directly from the browser. Some must-have features integrated in Opera GX for faster and smoother browsing are Ad Blocker, Free VPN, VPN Pro, built-in Social Networking, among others.

Limitations and Complexity

  • Despite standing out for all of the above, Opera GX has some important downsides, such as limited availability compared to other browsers. Although it is available for mobile devices, the app may not be compatible with all platforms and operating systems.
  • Also, the user interface may be complex, especially for those who are not familiar with the gamer world. The integration of certain features in Opera GX may hinder the experience for those who prefer to keep their gaming and browsing activity and other functions separate.
  • Due to its gamer focus, Opera GX does not contain some features that other browsers usually have, such as certain extensions and add-ons. This can be a disadvantage for those users who are looking for those specific tools for their work or activity on the computer.

Would I use this browser?

In my opinion, it is a useful and functional browser exclusively for the gamer target or for those looking for a different experience when using a browser. The design and integration with games is very interesting, but in terms of browsing experience, you can find some flaws or some complexity.



  • Free games and upcoming releases.
  • Allows you to connect your phone and computer.
  • Customization and design.
  • File download problems.
  • More complex than traditional browsers.
  • Limited features.

Opera GX

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Frequently asked questions

Is Opera GX browser free or paid, and is it available on iOS and Android?

Opera GX browser is free, and you can download it for both iOS and Android operating systems. In addition, it can be configured in more than 30 languages.

What are the main advantages of this browser?

The main advantages are its compatibility with certain gaming platforms, which users can easily access, directly from their browser. Opera GX offers an integrated game mode that ensures that the gaming experience is uninterrupted while browsing the web.

Can the design be customized for each user?

Yes, with Opera GX you can customize the design by adjusting the theme, colors and visual effects.


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