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Cloud storage services are currently the best way to store any type of information you have, such as documents, photos, files and much more. That's why you should have a good storage tool on your mobile device, and without a doubt the best platform for this is Google Drive. Download Google Drive on any of your devices and start discovering everything this app has for you right now.

Do not miss the opportunity to have a tool as functional and complete as Google Drive on your mobile devices. With this app you can have a completely safe place to store everything you want, such as videos, documents, images and much more. This app offers many amazing tools that will allow you to take full advantage of any of your devices.

Discover all that Google Drive has for you and use its cloud storage services to always have your documents and information at hand. If you want to discover everything that Google Drive has for you, do not miss the opportunity to download this app on any of your mobile devices. Google Drive will be an ideal tool to improve the way you store your information and use your mobile devices.

Keep reading this post to discover everything Google Drive has for you. Now we tell you all the functions you will find when you download this app and so you can use this tool on any of your devices.

Google Drive is the best cloud storage platform

Google Drive is one of the best tools that Google has for its users, this app has more than 5 million downloads only on Android devices, and can also be used on iOS devices and computers. This app is presented as a cloud storage service, where you can save all the files you want to access them from any device.

Google Drive offers 15 GB of completely free storage for every Google account you use. If you want to add more space you can buy more GB for very little price. You can save all types of files, such as documents, PDF, images, videos, and much more. In addition, you can access your files from any device on which you have Google Drive.

This means that you should no longer carry your USB memory or SD memory card everywhere, you just have to open Drive from your computer, Smartphone or Tablet and so you can access all your saved files. Start using this amazing app right now.

But this is not all that Google Drive has to offer you. This is just the first of a long list of features that this platform has for you. Discover all that Google Drive has to offer using this amazing app on any of your devices.

Discover all the tools that Google Drive has for you

In addition to the storage function, Google Drive has many other tools to offer you. Start discovering them right now. To get started, you can create new documents within Google Drive, such as spreadsheets and Word-style text documents. These documents will be stored automatically while you write, so you never have to worry about forgetting to save a document. In addition to this, backup copies of each of your files will be created to keep everything completely secure.

In each of the files that you have created or saved you can invite all the people you want so they can see the document and even edit it, if that is what you want. This option is ideal for maintaining order in group work spaces, school and much more.

 Each person can access the document or folder if they have a Google account. You can also share the document through a link or easily accessing from an email. Modifications to the files will be registered in the name of each participant.

You can also access a unique document scanning option using your device's camera. You can save the scanned documents as a PDF or edit them in a text document. These documents may also be shared.

Drive is connected to Google Photos, and you can access all the photos you have stored from any device. Do not miss the opportunity to download Google Drive on any of your mobile devices to easily access all your saved files. Discover these tools and many more when you start using Drive on any of your devices.

How to download Google Drive?

To start using all the features of this app you must make sure you download Google Drive on your Smartphone or Tablet. Downloading this app is very simple. For Android devices you just have to go to Google Play; On most Android devices this app is installed by default, but if you don't have it, you can download it for free from Google Play.

You can also download this app for iOS from the App Store. At the end of this post you will find a link to download Google Drive from any of your mobile devices.

If you want to use Google Drive on your computer you will only have to enter your Google account and in the list of Google tools you will find the Google Drive option. Start using this fantastic tool right now.

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