Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run

If you are a fan of classic console video games, this game will be perfect for you. In recent years we have seen an amazing effort by the creators of video games for the console in bringing their titles to mobile devices, and this time it was the case of the most special Nintendo game, Super Mario. Download Super Mario Run and discover a new way to play one of the most important games for game lovers around the world.

 Super Mario was first released in 1985, and since then it has undergone many changes, but always leaving the essence of the game we love so much. This game has never ceased to be a favorite of everyone who loves to play video games, so you can't stop playing its mobile version. Start now to discover everything Super Mario Run has for you.

Super Mario Run is the mobile version of Nintendo's most famous game, and now we can play it completely for free from our Android or iOS mobile devices. This game has been a total success since its premiere, and already has more than 100 million downloads. This game will remind you of all the classic Mario adventures, but with a very modern touch and new worlds.

Discover right now everything that this game has for you. You can start playing the most famous levels of Super Mario with a new and easy-to-use configuration for smartphones. You can also play levels with friends and much more.

If you want to know more about this amazing game, we invite you to continue reading this post. Right now we show you how to download Super Mario Run and how to play this amazing game on any of your mobile devices. Super Mario Run is waiting for you to discover all its features.

Play an amazing new version of Super Mario with Super Mario Run

Super Mario is a classic loved by everyone, no matter how old you are, you probably played this game on some of Nintendo's best consoles. So we invite you to download this amazing app that will allow you to relive the best Super Mario experiences. Super Mario Run is an amazing game, very well designed, with quality graphics that shows us the great technological advances in the area of ​​video games.

This game combines all the classic things we love about Mario and many new things that make this game unique. One of the most remarkable things is that we will have a game on a vertical screen, not on a horizontal screen as it had been during all these years. This makes it easier for us to play on our mobile devices, since we will only have to use one finger to control everything that happens in the game.

With this vertical screen mode you can do new tricks to get through the levels. Try double jumps and many other maneuvers that will help you avoid all obstacles. As always you must dodge snails and fungi while jumping through the barriers and other traps within each level.

Discover the full Super Mario Run mode

Although this app is free, within the game we can get a full version that will give us much more fun. In the free version we can play only 4 worlds to test the dynamics of the game and all the fun. But in the full version we can play 6 worlds of 24 levels each. This means hours and hours of fun from your mobile device.

There are three ways to travel all these worlds, you can do it in the common version, in three variations collecting coins of different colors, and a last version in which you can break the records of your friends. And if you pass all levels and rescue Princess Peach, you can unlock a new series of worlds called the star worlds.

You can also play in a mode called Remix 10, in which you must rescue Princess Daisy by exceeding 10 random short levels. Each time you enter this mode the game levels will change. Finally you can play the career mode in which you must compete against a friend and see who finishes the level faster.

But this is not all. By downloading Super Mario Run you will also find a way in which you can design your own worlds, play them and share them with friends. Use more than 100 elements to create an amazing kingdom. Enjoy right now everything that this fantastic game has for you.

How to download Super Mario Run?

If you want to start playing this game you just have to download Super Mario Run on your mobile device. This game is available for Android and iOS devices from Google Play and App Store. To make things simpler we have left you the links to download this game at the end of this post.

As we mentioned earlier, to play with all the features that this game has you will have to pay for the full version of the game. However you will have some levels in the free mode so you can see how this game is before buying it. Enjoy everything Super Mario Run has for you right now by downloading this fabulous app.

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