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If you are a lover of interior design and fun games, then the game that we will present below will be perfect for you. Start having fun right now and have a good time completely renewing a mansion while playing Homescapes. Download Homescapes right now on any of your mobile devices and start playing. A great fun awaits you in this amazing game. Do not miss the opportunity to play and completely renovate a mansion.

Homescapes is a very fun game that will allow you to use your ingenuity to solve a large number of puzzles to get resources that will help you completely renovate a mansion. In this game you will be in charge of decorating the mansion of a wealthy family, so get ready to start enjoying this amazing game. Will you be able to complete all levels and completely renovate the mansion?

If you want to know how this fun game works you just have to keep reading this post. Here is how to download Homescapes and how to play this fun game on any of your devices. Homescapes is an excellent game for children and adults, so don't miss the opportunity to start playing. Have fun playing this amazing game.

Discover how you can remodel the mansion playing Homescapes

As we have said before, this game has a main mission, and it is to completely redecorate an abandoned mansion. In this case you must help the butler, named Austin, to discover new rooms in this incredible mansion and redecorate them completely. Start playing Homescapes right now and discover everything you can do with this amazing app.

To start you must get coins and resources to be able to renovate the rooms. For this you must play amazing puzzles to connect colors, something similar to the dynamics of Candy Crush. In each of the levels you will have to complete certain missions, and while progress in the levels will become increasingly difficult. So do not get carried away by appearances, this game is not as easy as it seems.

Basically to start you must join two or more cubes of the same color, and in doing so they will disappear. If you join several cubes of the same color you can get enhancers such as bombs or dynamite, which will help you demolish all the surrounding blocks with a single movement.

While the levels become more difficult you will have to face other difficulties within the game, such as collecting oranges, destroying boxes, removing the grass and many other things. If you have a difficult level, do not despair, you just have to keep playing until you complete it. In the most difficult levels you will get twice the coins at the end.

Every time you play a level you will collect coins and other items that will allow you to remodel a room. Keep playing and completing puzzles to get more and more coins and remodel the entire room. You will have hundreds of levels to complete and many rooms in the house to remodel.

Start playing this wonderful game right now and discover everything you can do with Homescapes. Download Homescapes right now on any of your devices and start playing. Do not miss the opportunity to play this wonderful game.

Decorate and renovate the entire mansion with the help of amazing characters

Now that you know how to make money within the game to remodel the rooms you should start remodeling. This is the funniest part of the game and the one that will inspire you to perform more and more puzzles. Inside the house you must help Austin to remodel all the rooms. You will have many rooms to remodel and have fun for hours.

To start you will have to remodel a room. Start completing the puzzles and help Austin completely remodel the room. One of the best things about this game is that you will have full creative license to remodel the living room and all other rooms as you want. You can choose from a large number of different furniture, the floor, the ceiling, the fireplace, ornaments and much more.

You must also remodel the kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, the greenhouse, the garage and much more. Each time you complete a room you can unlock a different character, such as the cook when you finish decorating the kitchen, or the music teacher, the maid and many more.

Each of these extra characters will provide you with new challenges and fun games so you can have much more fun. In addition to this, while you are completing the levels you can also get to know the history of the family, so you know why the mansion is so abandoned. Start playing right now and discover everything this amazing game has for you.

How to download Homescapes?

If you want to start playing this amazing game you just have to download Homescapes on any of your devices. Download Homescapes right now on any of your Android and iOS mobile devices. You can download this app by going to Google Play or App Store, respectively.

To make things much simpler we have left a link at the end of this post where you can download Homescapes on any of your devices. Start playing this amazing game right now and let the interior decorator inside you out.

One of the best things Homescapes has for you is that it is a free game, you can start playing and complete all levels without paying anything. However, there are some purchases within the app, such as enhancers, that will help you complete the game more easily.





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