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The development of Artificial Intelligence is vertiginous! There’s AI behind the music recommendations you get in your favorite digital music streaming service, behind Siri’s or Alexa’s answers to your questions, behind the posts you see on your social media’s feeds, and even behind the best route suggested by navigation apps. Whether we are aware of it or not, AI impacts every single aspect of our lives.

Funnily enough, people are still talking about ChatGPT as if it were the only AI out there, usually referred to as “THE” AI. The truth is, there are far more AI-powered chatbots than one really knows! Character AI is but one of them.

Chatting gone creative

Character AI is an innovative chatbot developed to interact conversationally with its users. The magic within it is that it’s not just any chatbot: it could be any character you can think of! Ever wondered what Elizabeth Bennet would tell you when you ask her about her crush, or what Gordon Ramsay would recommend you cook with what there’s in your fridge? With Character AI, you can get human-like answers as if you were chatting directly with them. 

The possibilities are endless: you can interact with celebrities, historical figures and fictional characters, and there’s more: you can also create your very own character and chat with it! Wait, there’s even more: have you ever thought about having a chat with your pet? With the hummingbird on the flower? With the flower? You can go as far as your creativity lets you to. But… how is all this possible?

Behind the bot

Powered by advanced artificial intelligence and deep machine learning techniques, this chatbot excels in human-like conversations. This means that before actually chatting with a character, a supercomputer had “read” massive amounts of text (mainly actual human conversations) that were then processed or “learned” and allowed it to engage in not only grammatical correct but also meaningful conversations with you. Mesmerizing!


It may seem obvious, but it’s worth clarifying that the characters’ responses are fictional, and in consequence they shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

A conversation with a chatbot can never substitute a professional’s expertise and advice, nor can it represent, for example, the way of thinking of the real-life person that inspired it.

Additionally, and this may be seen as a downside to many, Character AI is pretty strict when it comes to blocking content classified as NSFW. This may be a limitation when creating, for example, villainous characters. On the other hand, however, it prevents things from getting too out of hands.

How to get Character AI

  • Character AI is free to use.
  • It’s available on the App Store for iPhone and iPod touch with iOS 12.4 or later, and for Apple Vision.
  • Android devices with Android 7.0 or newer can also download Character AI from Google Play.

Special features with

There are some benefits for those who are willing to get an upgrade, which involves a monthly billed subscription. These include skipping waiting rooms, getting faster responses, access to a member-only community, and an exclusive membership badge you can proudly wear. That is, add to your profile. Also, subscribers are always the first to know when a new feature is coming up —and the first to use them, of course!—

In conclusion

Character AI proves to be one of the most creativity-boosting AI-powered chatbots thanks to the innumerable “personalities” you can talk to. It’s such an impressive tool that, I dare say, leaves boring ChatGPT in the dust. Whether to make the dream of chatting with Freddy Mercury come true, get a taste of what it would be like to have a conversation with your cat or put your German skills to the test, the Character AI app is the way to go, wherever you go.



  • The app mirrors the website’s features. You won’t miss any functionality; everything is already there.
  • No ads, even in the free version.
  • There are tons of user-created bots you can chat with.
  • The search results are not very accurate.
  • Privacy is never fully assured.
  • It’s so much fun, it gets addictive.

Character AI

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Frequently asked questions

Can anyone use Character AI?

If you’re British or live in the UK, you must be 16 or older to use the platform. Every other individual must be at least 13 years old.

Is it easy to create my own character?

It’s as easy as describing and defining their appearance, preferences, and personality traits. Then you’re ready to chat!

Am I training the Characters as I chat with them?

Definitely! Each interaction improves the technology.


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