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We all have those terrible days where chores and duties get the best of us, and when we finish it all, we get home or go to sleep and suddenly, the worst has happened: You forgot to do something really important! Worry not! Google Tasks is here for you!

Google tasks is an extremely simple and straightforward app to organize your daily tasks in an efficient manner. Tasks is, as a matter of fact, dead simple, designed to be minimalistic and user-friendly, with a great and simple user interface that facilitates the management of your tasks.

Google Tasks features

Its features are as simple as the app itself, they will help you organize your time in the most efficient manner possible.

  • Create tasks: make a list of chores to keep your life organized and administrate your time in a smart and easy way.
  • Mark tasks as complete: feel the pleasure of seeing your day's work pays off! By marking tasks, you simply free your head of loads of stress, a tick at a time!
  • Assign due dates: administrate your time in the most efficient way possible, by setting a deadline to help you know just how many time you've got.
  • Add notes: add important information you simply cannot miss to keep it in mind anytime you use the app.

Organize your time with Google Tasks

Although Google Tasks is not as feature-heavy as some other tasks management apps out there, it is a great choice for users who wants to keep it simple, with a lightweight and easy-to-use app for managing your days with to-do lists.

As in Google Drive, you can sync your tasks across your devices by utilizing the same Google account in any device you want to use.

Google Tasks is extremely handy, for example you can set up reminders for tasks and chores by location or time, an extremely useful feature to personalize tasks as you wish. You can also create subtasks, allowing you to have a bit more control over the organization of your time.

Google Tasks is obviously heavily linked to Google, meaning that users with apps such as Gmail and Google calendar can benefit greatly from linking said apps to Tasks. For reference, you can also link Google Documents and Google Chat. By linking said apps, you can create a more organized ecosystem and always being sure that you can stay on top and manage each task simply and steadily.

On top of all of these features, Tasks is completely free! And comes with free and paid Google accounts on most devices, so that anyone, whether your device uses Android or iOS, can have this tool available.

Tasks: a handy tool at the reach of your hand

Tasks can be described with two words: Basic and free. It is probably the best app out there for people who just want to stay in control of their time and how to manage it conveniently, working not only as a task manager, but also as a way to administrate your Inbox by connecting for example, Gmail. It is an extremely helpful app to keep you being productive by providing an easy and straightforward way to manage your tasks and stay on top of deadlines.

But, Tasks might not be the tool for people packed with assignments. While the app is really simple, it is way too basic for people with a calendar full of chores and subchores, since Tasks does not provide complex to-do lists models and structures.

Task is definitely a tool worth to have in consideration when managing your time, with a basic yet extremely useful display, it definitely deserves a solid 5/5



  • Easy to use.
  • It's free and lightweight.
  • You can link most Google apps to get the best out of Tasks.
  • Great user's interface.
  • It's available for both Android and iOS.
  • Can be too basic.
  • Its features lacks the complexity of most task management apps.
  • Nor fit for work and companies, just for personal use.
  • Not convenient to work offline.
  • You cannot tag other users to share lists.

Google Tasks

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Frequently asked questions

Can you prioritize tasks on Google Tasks?

Yes, you can add a star to a task to keep them prioritized.

Can other people see your Google Tasks?

Your content saved on Tasks is private to you, unless you choose to share it.

Can Google Tasks be collaborative

By linking Google Chat or Google Docs, you can use shared tasks and assign a task to someone to complete.


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