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One of the wonders of modern technology, it’s its ability to help us in day-to-day tasks and simplifying hard tasks. It is a widely spread truth how hard it can be to trace your period, sometimes important information goes missing or dates get messed up. This is why we’re talking about the wonder-app Clue.

Clue: your personal tracking aid

Clue is an app made by and for women. It is a period tracking app that helps you keep record of your menstrual cycle while also helping you understand all the symptoms and issues that comes during your period. Whether you wish to keep track of our menstrual cycle or start a new family or control, Clue is worth a try, helping you better understand your body and your flow.

What makes Clue a great tool for women, is that it is designed by a team of women concerned with women’s health and who understand that not all periods are the same and everyone has their own time and system. This easy-to-use app offers pretty much anything a woman needs to control her period and reproductive health, even predictive information. Since Clue keeps track of your period, it can tell you when (approximately) will your period come, preparing you for what’s yet to come. 

Clue’s features.

Clue offers a wide array of features, almost all of them for tracking your period but also to help to conceive, with contraception and with your reproductive health, it also offers several resources for many different sexual health topics, such as LGBTQIA+ safe sex life and information. Amongst all of these features, we will find the following tracking categories and subcategories:

  • Period: Bleeding, collection method.
  • Vitality: Energy, mental, emotions, sleep, motivation, social.
  • Body: Cravings, digestion, pain, hair, skin, fluid, temperature, stool, weight.
  • Medical:  IUD, ailment, injection, patch, medication, ring, pill, tests.
  • Activities: Exercise, appointment, party, sex, meditation.
  • Others: Tags (a useful tool to specify your symptoms)

Clue is divided into 14 content sections offering an infinite amount of information. These sections are:

  • About Clue (This section contains general app information)
  • Trying to conceive
  • Fertility
  • Endometriosis
  • Other conditions
  • Menstruation
  • Sex
  • Pregnancy
  • Birth control
  • Cycle syncing
  • Perimenopause
  • Life & Culture
  • Postpartum

As I have previously stated, these sections are full of useful information to guide you through your reproductive journey. Sadly, all of these sections are not accessible to everyone (except the first one) so, let’s see how it works.

Clue’s Plans.

Clue has both a free and a paid version. The free version is rather limited, only letting you track your period in a basic way and predict the next one, but if you’re interested in a deeper approach towards your reproductive health, Clue Plus might be the answer. You can pay an annual subscription that isn’t too expensive and offers a one-week free trial, or just a monthly subscription, granting you access to one of the most comprehensive and sought-after libraries of sexual and reproductive health.

A brief overview on Clue

If you struggle with keeping record of your periods and would like to free yourself from the burden of reminders for pills and the confusion of dates mixing up, Clue is exactly what you need. Being designed by women concerned about other women’s health and with a better understanding of periods, it utilizes a modern and simple approach towards the topic to help you live your sexual development and progress to the fullest.

Clue has remained on top of most period tracking and information apps for two simple reasons: its straightforward approach and its extensively curated library of women’s reproductive life. Clue is definitely an app worth trying and deserves a 5/5 rating.



  • Easy to use
  • Offers a vast library with several topics on women’s reproductive health
  • You can use the basic period tracking function for free.
  • Clue can track many other aspects, such as your vitality and activities.
  • Made for and by women.
  • The app’s free plan isn’t too generous.
  • The paid plans are rather expensive.
  • Most of its features are relegated to the paid plan.


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Frequently asked questions

Is Clue free?

The app is free to install, and the tracking functions are mostly free to use. The rest of the app is exclusively made for Clue Plus users.

Can I track my pregnancy progress with Clue?

Yes! you can track your pregnancy with Clue’s pregnancy mode. It not only tracks your progress, but also your cravings, moods, bodily changes, baby movement and more.

How accurate is Clue in terms of ovulation tracking?

Clue is regarded as the most accurate app for ovulation tracking. However, these predictions tools should not be taken as replacement for a doctor’s advice and are for educational purposes only.


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