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Shopping itself is definitely fun and exciting. Thanks to modern technology, shopping is no longer limited to malls and shopping centers, you can now get a full fashionable and trendy wardrobe from the comfort of your own notebook at home, all thanks to SHEIN! With SHEIN, renewing your wardrobe has never been easier, with affordable prices and effortless styles, you can dress like your favorite influencers and celebrity in an effortless and unruffled way!

SHEIN: Shop like never before

Shein is a popular online shopping platforms centered towards fashion and clothing, with affordable prices for trendy pieces. It also offers home goods, shoes and accessories, as well as clothing for both men, women and children. Being a fast fashion store (we’ll delve into that later) its catalog is being constantly updated, with new and exciting pieces. Its easy-to-use interface makes, surfing through its vast catalog, a simple and fast task. Thanks to its constant updating, the app has managed to keep its users engaged in both the app itself and the latest fashion trends. The store is notorious for the terrible quality of their items and the indiscriminate use of plastic-based fabrics.

SHEIN’s features

This app offers a variety of functions that anyone would expect to find in an app dedicated to online clothing shopping. Such features do facilitate the use of SHEIN and allows you to surf effortlessly throughout the app. These features are:

  • Search filters: This features eases the process of finding a specific item, sorting by sizes, colors, and prices, making it much easier and swift to find what you want.
  • Flash sales and discounts: Want to add a little something that’s not too expensive? Check out the latest flash sales and discount to grab whatever you need or want at a very low price!
  • Order shipment tracking:  There’s probably nothing as stressful or as anxiety-inducing than waiting for your package to arrive. Thanks to SHEIN’s tracking feature, you can follow every step of your package’s trip to your home!
  • Customer reviews with photos: In case you are more of the visual type of buyer, head onto the customer reviews section on the app and check out the pictures left by multiple users.

The effect of Fast Fashion promoted by SHEIN on earth

What is “Fast Fashion”? Fast Fashion is a term used for garments made cheaply and of very bad quality, rapidly produced, made mostly out of polyester and cycled in and out of the market to meet new and swift fashion standards and trends. Shein is a big contributor to this mode of retail (if not the biggest). Since these garments go in and out of fashion, instead of the traditional seasonal collections (spring-summer and autumn-winter) of most fashion houses, including Haute couture maisons, these garments, made mostly out of plastic are dumped into the nature, specially deserted places where nobody can see it, like the Atacama Desert in Chile. This is just the top of the iceberg, SHEIN has been denounced internationally for the use of forced, if not slave, labor, as well as child labor in the production of their items, specially by Uyghur slaves in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. The imprisonment of the Uyghur in concentration camps is so notorious internationally that several human aid committees, including even the United States Congress, have denounced its practices and forbidden exportation from said region.

A brief overview on SHEIN

SHEIN might be significantly cheaper than other brands, but at what cost? The landfill in the Atacama Desert and its carbon footprint have been notoriously affecting the environment, as well as its notorious human rights violations, and for what? For garments made almost entirely out of plastic and of terrible quality. One should think twice before contributing to this vile system just to conform to trends and other vain tendencies. For this, the app deserves nothing more than 1/5 stars.



  • It's cheap and constantly updating its catalog.
  • The app is simple in its layout and easy to use.
  • Their items are of terrible quality and durability.
  • All of their items are made out of plastic fibers (polyester) greatly harming the environment by dumping unsold stock due to their fast fashion mode of retail.
  • SHEIN contributes to the landfill in the Atacama Desert almost entirely, causing an immense amount of harm to the environment.
  • SHEIN has been not only denounced, but proved to be using forced, if not slave, labor to create their items as well as child labor, something strongly condoned by organisms such as UNICEF.
  • SHEIN contributes to the imprisonment, enslavement and exploitation of the Uyghur people in concentration camp-like settlements forcing them to work for them.


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Frequently asked questions

What countries are included in SHEIN's shipping list?

SHEIN ships to almost every country, save for a few exceptions.

Can I trust the quality of SHEIN's items?

Sadly, no. SHEIN's items are notorious for their obviously low quality, both of creation as well of materials used, making them almost non-durable.

Does SHEIN have a return policy?

Yes. Despite this, many of SHEIN's users have complained about its return policy being slow and almost never working.


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