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Since its creation in 2001, BitTorrent has revolutionized the distribution and downloading of online files with the creation of the .torrent standard.

Created by Bram Cohe, BitTorrent has evolved, remaining relevant to this day as an effective tool for fast and accessible data transfer.

An efficient protocol for faster downloads

When you want to download a file, what’d you say is the most important thing to you? , your answer is probably “speed”.

With this in mind, BitTorrent created the "peer to peer" (P2P) protocol, a technology that allows you to download large files in a decentralized way, which means that instead of downloading a large file from a single server, you will download the multiple files that compose it and are fragmented in different "sources", that is, computers of other users of the platform that work as servers.

The great thing about this is that downloads will be faster and more efficient, especially for large files such as movies, software, or games.

Also, since it is not hosted in one place, there are fewer chances that the file you download will disappear from the network. However, it is necessary that several people have the file available for the download speed to be fast and permanent.

Start downloading your BitTorrent client

To download files from BitTorrent, the first thing you will need is a BitTorrent “client” software, that is, the software that will connect to the BitTorrent servers to download other users' file fragments.

Some options that you can download for free are uTorrent, BitTorrent, qBittorrent, Transmission, among others. These programs are available for all operating systems: Windows, macOS and Linux.

The use of these software programs implies a small learning curve, since they have a lot of data and information to learn. You should be familiar with concepts such as “seeds”, “leeches”, “peers” and a few more.

Let's see what some of these mean:

  • Seeds: are users who have completed downloading a file and continue to share it with other users, thus enabling efficient and sustained distribution of files on the BitTorrent network.
  • Leechers: Leechers are users who are downloading files, but are not sharing their files. This practice can negatively affect BitTorrent performance and hinder the downloading experience.
  • Peers: These are users who share and download files from the Bit Torrent network. They include both seeds and leechers. This collaboration is fundamental to the efficient and decentralized operation of BitTorrent.

Manage your downloads wherever you are

BitTorrent is also available for mobile devices through its Android app. With the App available on Play Store, you can download files at high speed, remotely access the BitTorrents Classic (desktop app) and play music and video files with its integrated player.

With the “Wi-Fi” mode, the App only downloads data when the device is connected to a network, preventing you from consuming mobile data from your cell phone.

As in the desktop version, with the mobile App you can configure the upload/download speed to free up network resources needed to run other Apps.

Some interesting advantages of decentralized downloading

  • Download speed: its decentralized structure allows faster downloads by receiving smaller files from multiple sources.
  • Bandwidth efficiency: From your torrent client, you can regulate the download and upload speed according to your needs and available bandwidth.
  • Censorship resistance: content is difficult to censor due to its decentralized structure.

Usage tips

  • Security and legality: be aware of copyright laws in your country. Downloading or sharing copyrighted files without permission may be illegal.

Although in recent years P2P downloads were overtaken by direct downloading systems, they have become relevant again for their significant benefits in terms of speed, efficiency, and resilience.

As of today, BitTorrent is positioned as one of the leaders in the content download software market and is an option you should try if you are looking for old or very specific material.



  • Fast and efficient downloads.
  • Recommended for the distribution of large files.
  • Resilience to traffic peaks and server failures.
  • Large user base and community support.
  • Possible association with illegal distribution of copyrighted content.
  • Requires a BitTorrent client to download and share files.
  • May consume more bandwidth compared to direct downloads.
  • Requires multiple users to have fragments of the file you are downloading for consistent and fast downloading.


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Frequently asked questions

Is BitTorrent legal?

Yes, BitTorrent is a legal technology and is used to share different types of content, including public domain files and licensed content.

Do I need to pay to use BitTorrent?

No, BitTorrent is free and open source. However, some partner services may offer premium features or paid content.

Is it safe to download files through BitTorrent?

Security depends on the files and sources you use. As with any file sharing platform, it is important to be aware of the provenance of content and use trusted sources.


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