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Technology today has allowed us to interact with our favorite content creators in increasingly ingenious and engaging ways for the viewer. Streaming has stood out among all these mainly because of the possibility of reacting live to the creator's interactions when playing different games, answering polls, or simply having a daily chat with their followers.

In the streaming industry we can find Twitch, one of the pioneers in the genre, which has also positioned itself as one of the most comprehensive and complete platforms in the sector. Within it, we can find millions of broadcasters performing all kinds of activities such as gaming, online classes, or even sightseeing in cities and iconic monuments.

Twitch’s interface and main features

When accessing the app, the user is presented with featured streams and different categories, making it easy to choose what type of content to watch. Also, if you log in with a previously existing account, your favorite streamers and subscriptions will be displayed on the main screen.

Within all the main categories we can find mainly video games, IRL streams, or the most popular section called “Just Chatting”, where streamers simply talk about a particular topic and interact with the opinions of their followers. The app is also known for its coverage of Esports, which also have their own section, with official broadcasts or live commentary by different streamers.

Twitch has a subscription system that allows users to collaborate with their favorite content creators, and in return gives them certain benefits in the stream chat, such as particular emojis or greetings from the streamer.

Here are some other interesting features of Twitch:

  • Interactive Gaming: gaming streamers can make the gaming experience more interactive by including their audience in the decisions they make. Through integrated chat polls, different options will appear on screen regarding in-game decisions that viewers can choose from.
  • Alerts and notifications: broadcasters can customize their new or renewal subscription alerts, including different graphics and sound effects that appear on screen during the stream, highlighting the account that has subscribed.
  • Donations: in addition to the subscription contribution, viewers can donate money, all of which goes directly into the streamer's pocket and is usually coupled with the alerts tool as a message can be sent to appear in the stream.
  • Twitch VODs: in addition to being able to watch live video, creators have the possibility of saving these streams permanently thanks to the Video on Demand option. The streams can be accessed from the specific section on each streamer's page.
  • Clips: viewers can capture small segments through commands in the chat to save funny or important moments, and it also facilitates the action of recording since they do not need to have a separate program to do so.

A little background on its origin

Introduced to the public in 2011, Twitch came to light as an alternate platform of its parent company,, which later in 2014 became Twitch Interactive. Later that same year, the company was acquired by Amazon, and since its acquisition they have worked together intertwining their services for greater synergy. In 2020, it registered at least 3 million monthly broadcasters and almost 15 million daily viewers, placing it on the podium in its sector.

Closing thoughts

Apps like Twitch open a previously closed window into the lives of creators, allowing users to meet them in a more everyday environment, without editing or cutting as we normally find on platforms like YouTube. Personally, I recommend trying this platform as you can find content for all types of audiences, as well as find creators that you already know; discovering a new side of them that can be very interesting.



  • The community of the vast majority of streamers are nice and welcoming.
  • The app is very intuitive to use.
  • Creating an account and logging in is completely free.
  • Not all content is regulated, so supervision with children is recommended.
  • It is very Internet and data consuming.


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Frequently asked questions

Can I watch streams even if I am not subscribed to the creator?

Yes, all streams are free to view.

What are emotes?

They are personalized emoticons of each streamer that viewers can use in their chat.

Do I need special equipment to stream on Twitch?

Not necessarily, although you only need a computer with a webcam and internet connection, many streamers choose to add tools that facilitate the operation.


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