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Indeed Job Search is a website where people from all over the world can upload their professional profiles and CVs, and search for jobs. It is completely free for candidates and jobs are uploaded daily. It is also useful for companies to post jobs and find the perfect candidate. Read on to find out more about Indeed!

Sign Up and Look for a Job

Accessing Indeed is easy. Just create a profile on the website, you can do it with an email address, a Google account, or an Apple account.

Once created, you can upload your CV or create it directly on the website and choose whether companies will be able to see it or have it hidden. You must include the city, level of studies, work experience, and qualifications, among others.

You can also set job preferences, such as minimum base salary, jobs to which you aspire, working hours, job location, or if you are looking for a home office position.

In the Home tab, you will see the available job offers related to your professional profile. There is also a search bar where you can type keywords and locations to search for more job vacancies. To apply to an offer you are interested in, just click on “Apply now”.

Useful Features

If you are looking for a job, these features in Indeed could make your life much easier:

  • From the job offers in the job feed, you can hide postings with certain details that do not interest you.
  • You can save vacancies to check them later in My Jobs. From that same tab, you can also organize jobs by applications, interviews or archive them.
  • Indeed includes a Messages tab, so companies can contact you if they are interested in your job profile.
  • In your Profile, you can enable or disable the "Ready to work" feature, so that companies know they can start working with you straight away.
  • Indeed includes a feature where employees can leave reviews about their experiences working for specific companies.

Indeed for Employers

When you create the account, you have the option to choose whether you are a candidate or an employer looking for people. If you choose the latter, you will be able to post job offers and hire candidates. In the post, you must include information such as the company’s name as well as yours, the area, the title of the position, how many people you wish to hire, the type of job —if it is full-time, part-time, temporary, for example—, the salary range, among others.

You will also have to write a job description, which may include the requirements, skills needed, working hours, etc.

In the company profile, there are sections to manage the job posts, check the candidates, and see if you have pending interviews. There is an extra analytics feature, to measure key performance indicators for your jobs and campaigns.

You can also pay for your publications to be the first to appear in candidate searches and have more visibility. This way, you will find the right person faster.

My Point of View

On the one hand, Indeed has gained a lot of recognition over the years for the ease with which you can find work and the wide range of jobs available. However, it can be difficult to find offers for certain job positions, if you are aiming for higher positions, or if you are looking for very specialized jobs.

On the other hand, as with other websites, there are scammers looking to take advantage of people. You should always do some research on job postings and employers, as many of the postings are likely to come from people looking to steal your information or your money.



  • If you do not apply filters correctly, it can be overwhelming to find job offers.
  • It is very simple to create a profile and search for offers.
  • The website is free of charge, except if you decide to publish a paid job offer to get more visibility.
  • Be aware of fraudulent offers on Indeed, scammers are always looking to get money or your personal information.
  • Offers are usually at the intermediate and entry level; if you are looking for a highly specialized job or a senior position, you may have to use another platform.
  • Certain offers can attract a lot of competition among candidates, and it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd.


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Frequently asked questions

Is it safe to upload my personal information to Indeed?

Uploading your personal information on this platform is as secure as most online sites, but you should always be careful when providing your information to employers and make sure they are not scammers.

What are Indeed interviews like?

Interviews are conducted through the Indeed Interview Platform or Zoom. You do not need to install any extra applications.

Do the employer companies have a review process?

Indeed requests documentation from companies to verify accounts for the security and validity of both companies and candidates. After creating a company account, Indeed may request documentation that proves the company is legitimate and that the person who created the account is authorized to post on behalf of that company.


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